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    WoW "Multisampling" issue/artifacts

    Any "Multisampling" setting greater than 1X results in minor artifacts on the mountains of Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge, and Hellfire Peninsula. Setting the Multisampling to 1X solves this problem.

    Artifacts look like this:

    Look for small white irregular lines on mountaintops.

    Running WoW @ ULTRA settings (each and every single setting at highest available setting) 1920X1080. Nividia Gigabyte GTX 580 Super Overclock Windforce 3X.

    My card is running underclocked as per signature, as WoW is not even remotely taxing to it. Setting the card at normal settings or OC settings does NOT resolve the issue.

    Running latest Nividia drivers version 306.23

    So, time to RMA the card or ignore until Blizzard fixes it? The card works great in all other games.

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    I have the same issue. MSI GTX 580 and running on 306.02 beta drivers. I didn't have this before the MOP patch, so it has to be WoW or the drivers (updated around the same time). No issues with any other game though and I can't be bothered to start downgrading drivers to check, so I'm just gonna ignore it for now.

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    GTX 680 here, same issue, and no, its not a driver issue, had the issue before, and after updating my drivers.

    It started with 5.0.4, so it has to be a Blizz-side issue.

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    Is there been a response on this? I realize it's kind of a necro post but not even trying to go around the ingame options and forcing it via the NVIDIA control panel works.

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    Is it just me or am I just going blind?
    Coz I dont really see anything irregular :s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Confined View Post
    Is it just me or am I just going blind?
    Coz I dont really see anything irregular :s.
    You can't really see it in the picture as well as when moving. Basically, it screws up rendering of terrain in the distance. Instead of increasing the sampling it's actually literally tearing the polygon angles *away* from each other and causing a dotted white line to appear. The easiest method to really see this is from Dalaran and fly to Icecrown -- it's *everywhere*.

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    This is normally a response to overheating from my past experiences with white pixels suddenly appearing in games. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I've had a few windforce designed graphics cards (I like overclocking things) and they tend to be terrible at keeping the Vram cool at all, which means, even if the gpu is cool, the vram may be too hot and causing errors.

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    i had this issue starting with the mop pre patch. i just switched back the launcher to tell it to launch the 32 bit client instead of the 64 and see if that helps. since reinstalling wow. drivers, switching from sli to non sli, removing one card. then swaping the cards and no luck. temps are good to, if this dont work im just gonna have to assume something is wrong with windows and just reformat :P

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    Started getting this on WoW, whats worrying is that I'm now getting it on Black Mesa as well. Because that's happening I'm praying for my computer that it's Nvidia's drivers.

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    I don't think it's an Nvidia problem. I've had the same problem since 5.0 and I've got an ATI card in my desktop. I'm surprised it's happening outside of WoW though tbh. I've just set my multisampling down to 1x, but I'd love to fix this if anyone has any ideas.

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    Have you tried reverting back to DX9?
    With the 5.04 patch my game decided to use DX11 and I was getting unusually low fps and some tearing on ultra.
    I used DX11 before with no problems, but decided to change it back to DX9 to see what would happen and voila, no problems since. I'm sure blizz will get the game tuned back to where it was soon enough.
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    Hmm. I'd like to think that I'd have noticed if it had switched out of DX11, but it could be something that simple. I'll check when I get home, thanks.

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    I've tried that, still got it. Even tried re-installing the game. Drivers and all doesn't fix it. I am confused why I have it on more than just WoW.

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    I meant revert back to DX9. I bungled my post in the beginning and edited it a little too late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodinn View Post
    Started getting this on WoW, whats worrying is that I'm now getting it on Black Mesa as well. Because that's happening I'm praying for my computer that it's Nvidia's drivers.
    Usually lines, triangles and spots that appear out of nowhere like the picture above are a symptom of overheating or damaged graphics card.

    Check out what temperature your runs, with MSI Afterburner for example.
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    Mine runs from anywhere from 50-79 degrees.

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    Totally confused about it tbh.

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    Happening on my 7950 also.

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    I belive it could be a problem initionally with wow, but it causes overheating and damages the graphics card? I really hope not because I've already been through one graphics card when the problem first occoured (I have the correct drivers and everything), the crashes resulted in tears and weird colours on every game. Some wouldnt even load up. - But if overheating is the case, why does turning down the multisampleing fix it?
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    its NOT overheating, its a graphical bug with the latest light engine (stuff that makes things all shiny) along side anti aliasing attempts on distant objects . or something.

    if you see artifacts on closer objects that would suggest overheating (also they are normally yellow?), but in this case the tiny white dots that stop moving when you stop moving the camera is purely the game not your hardware

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    Glad to see that i'm not alone with this issues. It started since MoP. I never had this problem before and it's not overheating problem. I run other games perfectly fine.

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