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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalian View Post
    Is it worth the $60?
    Absolutely not.

    D3'd be worth about $20-$30, though. But not $60.
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    Depends entirely on the amount of hours you can see yourself playing the repetitive content.

    -It's ~8 hours worth of story content to play through (a rough estimate for how long it would take a brand new player to complete normal mode). More like 4 for experienced players.
    -Reaching level 60 probably takes about 30 hours for new players. Playing through on a different class provides nothing new you didn't get the first time around. Except a few differences in the dialogue with followers.
    -At that point you grind out gold to buy stuff from the auction house and get better gear so you can kill stuff faster. The chance of finding anything useful for your class, which is not available on the AH for a pittance, is very low.

    I would recommend trying out TL2 first, but the lack of closed realm servers (no hacking) is a major turn off for that game.
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    Its worth the $10. Dont like this price considering how many bots/hacks there are out there. 15mil gold pays for a new account...

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    okay listen its worth 60 bucks if youre not one of these people who expect every game they buy to be a 10/10. i paid 60 bucks and i got about 70 hours of gameplay out of it. thats less than a dollar an hour for entertainment. i was a little disappointed because i played diablo ii for years, but it is what it is.

    its a fun game and i dont regret my purchase. just dont expect it to be gods gift to gaming like a lot of people did. its really, really not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalian View Post
    Is it worth the $60?

    I only played The Bard's Tale (2004) and Diablo 3's free trial for games of that subgenre.
    No. Save your money and either buy Torchight 2 or get into Path of Exile's beta.

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    I don't think it's worth it to be honest even for the $9.99 the game is just awful in everyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cairhiin View Post
    No offense and while TL2 is an excellent game, the fluidity of combat of D3 is miles ahead of TL2 which at times is really rather clunky. The pot spamming is also a really outdated concept, and there are thing in TL2 missing that were even in D2: like right click moving and automatically using your skill when in range of an enemy which makes playing a melee class very very clunky. Having said that I play both games, and both for different reasons. The OP should do the same.
    No offense but the fluidity of combat in D3 is shit and I am not sure how anyone could argue otherwise. When you have a fast paced genre like an ARPG and then make the player deal with ridiculous rubberbanding (due to always on-line, server side connection stuff) and hitbox detection (herp derp "nobody should be able to dodge anything" because the entire game is a gear check) then you do NOT have fluid combat system. You have a seriously flawed one.

    I have yet to experience either of those , what I feel are game-breaking issues, in TL2 with over 200 hours in and a lot of that in the multiplayer.

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