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    Challenge Mode Dungeons

    So with the addition of Challenge Mode Dungeons they added ranking in the form of the lower time the better ranking, so what I want to ask is will we be competing with others for gold or silver? or is there a set time put in that will allow you gold status after completing? In other words will this be like arenas and the rating for end season rewards, such as top .5% get drakes,etc.

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    There is a time limit for every level. This can already be seen in the Challenge modes tab. Blizzard has not announced any rewards for being fastest in your realm/region, other than bragging rights via the leaderboard.

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    there is a set time for every level on the one we did on beta as a group, gold was 10 minutes , silver was 15 minutes after that, and bronze was 25 minutes past that. Those times will vary on every dungeon btw and were not 100% set as it was just testing.

    (this was for stormstout brewery)

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