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    Borderlands 2...and co-op

    so, borderlands 2 has caught my eye, it looks really fun and enjoyed the first one, although i never even got close to finishing it (i got the goty edition too -.-), but when i got the first one, i got it under the pretense that i was gonna play it with my friends and when they quit playing it, as did i...so my question is, should i buy the game even if i probably will never play it co-op? should i buy it purely for its other elements, like gameplay and story and mechanics (well i guess this falls into gameplay but meh)

    just wondering and thought id ask prior to dropping the 60 bucks

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    I love it. Granted Ive rented it form a redbox but none the less this is one i will buy once i get some money!
    The game is even more insane than the first right out of the box. It still has all the randomness and craziness from the first and the GUNS!!! Oh good lord the guns are sooo much better espicially the elemental weapons!!!
    All in all weather or not you play co op or solo the game is great and awesome and honestly worth the money. Gearbox reall out did themselves

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    I'm almost done with my first playthrough. And I like the 2nd game alot, even better than the first. So if the only reason you quit the first game was cause your friends quit. and didn't find it fun to play alone, then don't buy the 2nd. Borderlands 2 is ALOT more fun to play if you've played through the first game since it has spoilers from the first game and the story is connected. So imo you should try single play through the first game and then see if you like it, and if you don't. Don't waste money on the 2nd game.

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