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    [A] Amused to Death - Silvermoon Eu. 4/6 in T14

    Origins :

    <Amused to Death> is a raiding guild created in January 2009 on Auchindoun PvP Horde, where we gathered a lot of exceptional players from our previous guilds and realms. Back then we had a hardcore approach to raiding and were ranked top50 at our peak. Now several years later we have regathered some of the core for DS progression and to prepare for MoP.

    Raid Times :

    Currently we raid Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 – 23:30 with optional alt raids on offdays. When new patch content releases this might be extended with one extra day.

    What we expect from our Applicants :

    We are a raiding guild. We expect applicants as well as members to always come prepared with consumables, a good attitude, and a very high raid attendance. You will have to perform, accept criticism, and show initiative in improving.

    You WANT to raid: We are looking for people who really want to raid. If it’s the 10th consecutive night of progress wipes, you still want to be there and raid with us. If it’s the 100th clear of some boring instance, you are still willing to raid, and you’re thinking about how to beat the speed record. If one person doesn’t want it as bad as everyone else, the group will fail.

    You know your class:
    The EJ forums should be your second home. If you constantly do 10-20% less damage than a similarly geared player of the same class, then you’re doing something wrong. And while your guild mates might try to help you, his/her purpose in life is not to teach you how to play.

    You can maintain 85% raid attendance: If you miss, on average, more than one raid per week, don’t whine about the consequences (being benched/demoted/etc). Use the AFK forum to report any vacations/issues.

    Maximize Your Character:
    We are serious about gems/enchants/professions/glyphs on characters. Whenever you recieve an uppgrade you are to fully gem and enchant it.

    NO DRAMA: Officers do not log on to be babysitters. We will not tolerate guild drama.

    Current Guild / Recruitment Status.

    We're looking for a Holy / Ret Paladin for our "Group 1". We have high standards for this spot so we would prefer very exceptional people applying for this spot.

    We will consider all good applications though, if you're a good player and your Class / Spec is not listed as Recruiting, you can PM me here, or contact Relis or Bloen ingame

    Website linked below.
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    I believe you wanted this linked.

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    1 spot left until all groups recruitment is closed!

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    Group 3 require a good Warlock now.
    Heroic Dragon Soul gear is not an absolute must but would be a massive bonus.

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    Group 2 has had a couple of spots opened up, reflected in the main post.
    Let's hope for some decent applications!

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    Still looking!

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    Recruiting still.

    I think Diablo 3 is making this harder! :P

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    Up a little bit

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    2 Hunters now required!

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    It's been a while.
    List updated.

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    Recruitment open!

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    Still looking!

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    Where is this surge of applications I hoped for? D:

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    Saturday evening is a good time to apply!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A2D-2012 View Post
    Saturday evening is a good time to apply!
    So is Sunday Afternoon!

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    Up a little bit!

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    Still looking!

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    And again.. It's time for the weekend!

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    Filled a few spots, still mass recruiting though!

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    Recruitment is going well for a change.

    Soon we can begin the transition to 25mans!

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