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    Quietly Confident - Offering core spots for Mists Raids

    We are aiming for realm firsts and to be in the top 500 guild rankings and are looking for more players to bolster our Roster.

    You can either apply on the website or contact me on skype 'Raiza1989' or ingame via Battletag Zhaine#2204

    Death Knight - DPS
    Druid - All Specs

    Hunter - CLOSED
    Mage - CLOSED
    Monk - CLOSED
    Paladin - All Specs
    Priest - Shadow/Disc
    Rogue - All Specs
    Shaman - Enhance/Resto

    Warlock - CLOSED
    Warrior - CLOSED

    Exceptional players of any Class/Role are welcome to apply regardless of recruitment status

    Our goal:

    To lead efficient, focused raids and to progress through the content the game has to offer.

    We are a serious progressive guild with top players from across europe working together, learning tactics and sharing thoughts with others through discussions.

    We strive to maintain a community of players who want to see what the game has to offer, People who have a healthy sense of humour and enjoy raiding.

    Basic Requirements:

    [+] You must be level 90 and pre-raid geared
    [+] We want people who are able to meet the challenges of heroic content.
    [+] Players who can react quickly in a raid environment and not repeat mistakes.
    [+] You want to progress, and can give 100% attendance.
    [+] Ventrilo and all required raiding addons, such as DBM/Big Wigs, Omen.
    [+] Real life – We feel we can progress while maintaining a decent life outside of the game.
    [+] No Drama – We want to play with mature people, not drama queens or people who cause trouble.
    [+] Staying until raid end – We understand that sometimes people have to go, but we expect that in most cases every raid member is able to stay until the end of the raid.

    Our raid times:

    20:00 to 23:00 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday

    If you think you're up for it please don't hesitate to apply!
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    Updated, we are especially interested in healers

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