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    How to track the proc from Glyph of Denounce.

    So as the title says. I'm looking to track the proc from the Glyph of Denounce.

    Powa woulda been my first choice, but that seems broke for now.

    I'm trying TellMeWhen, but can't configure it properly (lack knowledge of the addon sadly).

    Wondered if others had a similar issue with an easy fix. Muchly appreciated.

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    Tell TellMeWhen to track spell ID 115654, that should be the buff you get from the glyph.

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    Needtoknow can track it pretty easily.

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    maybe Chronobars is another option? i don't have Glyph of Denounce, but i use Chronobars to track the Selfless Healer buff. it's a really easy addon to use.

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    I use Raven for all my Buff, debuff, HoT, DoT whatever tracking.
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