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    What is the best starting pet for pet battles?

    Just wondering what people will be using to get started with pet battles.

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    I used my Celestial dragon...thing as a first pet, then got a sheep for my team.
    The sheep gives a nice heal, which is useful in the first few battles IMO and saves you time from going to the stable master.
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    there are no "best" pets for any battle. Every pet is good against one type, and bad against another, thus depending on what you're fighting against, one pet will be superior and one inferior.

    I mean my favorite pet (Onyxian Whelpling) is pretty good against Flying pets, but will get PWNED by Humanoid pets.

    So if facing a humanoid pet, I need to use anything but a dragon pet, instead its best to use an undead pet.

    There's a chart with these strenght vs weaknesses on wowpedia, and many other sites. Bottom line: no pet is "the best" at anything, they are all good agaisnt a certain type, and specifically weak against a certain type.

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    Good combo to go out into the world if you're leveling somebody from lv 1:

    1 Beast pet. These are great against critters
    1 flying pet. Very effective against aquatic

    The other pet is your choice and can be situational. But this will help you take care of a lot of what you will see in the early portion of the game.
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    Yeah i have to agree with any beast type pet. To begin with 90% of what you will fight untill lvl 30 zones are critters, and beasts stomp critters, then it begins to be mostly beast type you come across so anything good against beasts will help you out at that point.

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