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    Criticized by whom? Again your kidding me right. Sc2 has been heavily criticized as well, go ahead to the forums and read up on it. Why is sc2 well received but doom 3 not? Your kidding me with this right? Do you honestly presume that the opinions of the internet actually qualify as anything important?

    Again this is in large part the problem. Listening to the internet criticism is the worst thing a developer can do in many aspects. Doom 3 was extremely well received by anybody that mattered and an extremely good game to because the developers took a chance and didn't just remake doom 2 which wouldn't have worked anyway to be honest. Doom 2 had the appeal it did because it was 1992. It is no longer 1992 and things change.

    The internet is really the worst and best thing that's happened to game development (and arguably humanity) in years. It has extremely good potential as a tool to develop games based on what players like and didn't like. It also has extremely bad potential to warp and skew the developers views and positions on things based on "reception" that the internet community circle jerk has decided to agree on.
    I'll respond to this tomorrow when I can make coherent sentences out the words spinning in my head again. Getting way too late. X.x
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    "People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an excercise of power, are barbarians" - George Lucas 1988

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    Make a game, YOU would play.
    Success guaranteed.

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