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    [H] Echoes, Laughing Skull EU 6/16 HC (25 Man).

    Right, gonna make this short and sweet -

    We're currently searching for:

    DPS -
    Shadow Priest. <- High.
    Ret Paladin.

    Healers -
    Holy Paladin.
    Disc Priest (preferably with Holy OS if neccessary). <- High.
    Resto Shaman. <- High.

    Not actively searching for any tanks, sorry.

    A bit about the guild:

    We raid 5 days a week, for a total of 18 hrs a week.
    Schedule is:
    19.30-23.00 Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sun, with an early start at 19.00 Wednesdays. Invites go out 15 min before raid start, but it's more common than not that we have a full raid clearing trash 15-30 min before raid start, so we can get right onto the bosses.
    Extensions are rare, but can happen - although no one are forced to stay. If people have to go at 23, we'll get someone in who doesn't, or if that isn't possible, simply call the raid. IRL > Game.

    We use Loot Council to distribute loot.

    You earn both your raiding spot and your loot through your performance - if we have to ress you every pull, or you constantly [email protected]#$ up, you won't be rewarded, and ultimately, will be replaced with a better player.

    We prefer quality to quantity raids, which is why we raid so relatively little - our schedule is perfect for people working or studying, as you'll be able to get to bed on the right side of midnight, and you'll be able to eat your dinner in peace before the raid starts.

    Currently, we've had a few attempts last reset on Blade Lord Tayak that resulted in some unfortunate P2 wipes, and we're in the process of ironing out the last kinks of our Vizier strategy (sub-20% wipes), and expecting a kill of both this reset. So please, don't be frightened just because we don't have those two bosses down yet - it's merely due to our relatively low amount of raid time compared to all the guilds who does.

    We expect applicants to provide:
    World of logs to show their performance.
    Have their character properly geared and optimised (anything below 480 average at this point would probably not have a good chance at joining, as we need people to be able to actually help us progress, not warm the bench till farm, then soak up loot. 480 is very easily obtainable at this point, anyway).
    Be able to attend all raid nights.

    If you're interested, our forums and application process can be found on http://echoes-guild.eu/ - if you have questions, feel free to come online on Laughing Skull horde side, and do a /who echoes - any character including the name Draco or Eddy will be able to answer your questions.

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