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    I thought there wasn't one for GW2 but was one for GW1, that quote says they can restore within a few hours or days, not so great to lose days worth but at least its something. I dont know what a whore new thread means nocturnus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    I dont know what a whore new thread means nocturnus.
    You know what, I'm going to leave it like that, maybe it wil stall the trolls: "Hmm, what could he possibly mean!"

    Anyway, from what I've seen in-game, character roll-back works. Also worth noting, the ~3 of the 9 bots we reported 2 weeks ago were restored and have their original owners controling them again. The other ones can't be found in-game anymore. If that ain't good service I don't know what is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrakeWurrum View Post
    First off: This is off-topic - people need to avoid allowing potential troll posters to derail threads with off-topic posts full of nothing but random hate.
    Soon as he mentioned not being able to buy gold through GW2's store I stopped listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    My understanding is that character restoration only works for GW1, as their more recent word is that they don't have the capabilities to restore characters in GW2.

    The game is fantastic, but the secondary systems (AH, forums, account features like character restoration) are kinda not very good.
    I love GW2; exactly the type of game play I have been looking for, but I must agree with Edgecrusher. The augmentation cloud systems such as the Trading Post still need work, and the backup systems are still not implemented.

    For example, I lost 9g during the 10 minute September 19th trading post outage due to their transaction system recording (shows in my purchase history) but not delivering the items I purchased; Arenanet notified me and hundreds others a couple days later that, after looking into the matter, due to the nature of the outage they will not be able to restore any items. Hundreds of other people lost much more gold than I did that night during that 10 minute window that the Trading Post became unstable.

    I am grinding my teeth to say it, but many of the secondary services still need work and were not ready for launch. Do not misunderstand me, I love the game. I am still playing and having fun despite losing half my gold from that incident, but it is kinda appalling they cannot restore or refund the items in question even though they clearly show in my transaction history but were never delivered to my pickup tab.
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