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    [H] Decline (10) - Jaedenar EU - Recruiting for MoP

    About us
    We are an international guild with some of our core members coming from Sweden. We are going to raid 10-man dungeons in the Mists of Pandaria with a decent pace, and maybe expand to 25-man in the future. We will be using EPGP to distribute loot and TeamSpeak 3 for raids.

    Raiding schedule
    Sunday 19:00 - 23:00
    Tuesday 19:00 - 23:00
    Thursday 19:00 - 23:00
    with invites starting 18:45.
    Server time, GMT+1.
    If there is interest it's possible that we will raid more days, do some alt-raids or old content raids.

    Things we want from you
    * You have to speak English
    * You need a stable Internet connection
    * You need to be present on ventrilo/mumble during raids
    * Be prepared for raids, read up on bosses, come with flasks, fully enchanted and gemmed gear
    * Full knowledge of your class (including speccs, talent builds, rotation, gems and enchants)
    * Always playing at your best

    Things we can offer you
    * A friendly and guild atmosphere
    * Progress at a steady rate
    * People to hang out with outside of raids (Challenge modes, PvP, Dungeons)

    If you get selected
    You will be invited to the guild on a short trial period in which we will evaluate you as a player to make sure you are what we are looking for. During this trial period you will be ranked lower on the "food chain" and therefore unable to "Need" on gear. However if none of the full members need an item you will be able to get your hands on it. When you get invited you will also gain access to the other pars of the forum and be able to take part of all that Decline has to offer.

    Currently recruiting:
    For the upcoming expansion every class and specc is of interest and will be looked at.

    To make an application or if you have any other questions feel free visit our website www.decline-guild.com or contact one of the officers: Amenti, Flottiz or Sloin in-game.

    Regards, the officer team of Decline
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    updated lootsystem and VOIP

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    still need some healers and dps


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    still need some healers and dps


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