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    Quote Originally Posted by Elexo View Post
    I used to play it.
    Did 4 tournaments, the first 2 I didn't come close to winning.
    Then a 2v2 competition where we came in second.
    And last a tournament in my hometown where I won, which I found a good time to stop.

    I had a water deck which was powerfull as hell at the time.
    I really can't remember the name of the cards but I remember it was mostly about this one water dragon that if Umi or the stronger version were up he would do something insanely OP.
    I also remember always having at least 1 penguin soldier in my deck, he was the most underappreciated little bugger out there.

    This was before all the restrictions popped up so a lot of decks were a lot alike due to way too powerfull cards being staples.
    One of these?

    PS: Genn, what's your Dueling Network name? :P
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    Your post doesn't deserve a slot in my thread! But it would make the perfect coaster for my drink!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnasnimadan View Post
    That's the one!
    I still remember the faces of my opponents as I washed away all their cards.
    Some would struggle and say that The Legendary Ocean doesn't count and bitch on as I would wreck their asses.
    Good times.

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