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    Any time I'm overwhelmed, having to bust out all the stops to stay alive, and pull it off. Explorable bosses, soloing Champions that aren't Giants, massive adds spawning in the middle of events swarming me. It's all a rush.

    Note: this never happens underwater.
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    For me it was the leveling and the jumping puzzles, i really enjoyed my levelling experience. Just a shame about there been nothing to do at endgame apart from endlessy grind the same dungeon for cosmetics...

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    Just exploring the world, can't say one exact thing since it all the little discoveries or just beatiful landscape I've ran into.

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    The leveling part whit all the glory of being killed my too many mobs or just being stupid enough to jump off a gliff and think you can fly. Finishing all those zones and get those chests are an awesome feeling aswell .

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    Hope to have some fun in WvW too soon.

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    Jumping puzzles.

    After reading the thread so far, I can't help but feel like someone ought to make a platformer MMO. Nintendo, time to re-define Super Mario World.

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    Customizing my character on the character creation screen :S

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    Jumping puzzles, leveling situations where I get in over my head and manage to live through it anyhow, saving someone else's bacon (the best thing about playing guardian IMO)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    Customizing my character on the character creation screen :S
    this one was good, I like it

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