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    Should I vendor or disenchant my cataclysm gear?

    Excluding 1 set of questing gear ofc, is it worth more on vendor or as maelstrom crystals at mop?

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    Disenchant 'em, store 'em for a while and sell them once MoP isn't huge news and people might be leveling enchanting on their alts.
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    check AH for maelstrom prices, check gear vendor value - compare and do what will net more profit ? its realm specyfic cause economy is different everywhere...like on my realm maelstroms are selling for under 13g now

    edit: and mats from de epics is rarely if not at all used in leveling enchanting

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    Disenchant and shatter, sell about 3 months after release.
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    Considering that several people might be disenchanting the gear as well, and that no one really needs any enchants for a while (unless they are super serious about leveling, but then they probably already crafted the ones they needed), the prices will probably go down a lot. So unless you want to hang on to them, to sell them at later times (since some Monks will get Enchanting), it's probably more profitable to just vendor them. Maybe except rings, as their vendor price is quite low compared to other pieces.

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    Aside from duplicate armor models (like I have same model on my prot and dps spec) I am keeping the tier sets and weapons, some look very nice, and if I want to xmog they're always there. Won't be keeping any non moggable stuff except the BWD transform trinket.
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    I'd personally sell them. They're like 30g a pop or so. Maelstrom won't be worth much in the future. Even IF people level Enchanting, they'll just solo raids and dungeons and D/E themselves. Gold is gold. You'll net in a few hundred from your sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaHomieG View Post
    I'd personally sell them. They're like 30g a pop or so. Maelstrom won't be worth much in the future. Even IF people level Enchanting, they'll just solo raids and dungeons and D/E themselves. Gold is gold. You'll net in a few hundred from your sets.
    I don't think most people will go solo stuff for mats to level enchanting. If they are leveling it on alt then they probably won't be able to solo things and their main won't be able to DE for mats, and even if its switching professions on a main or a toon that can solo the content for the mats, most people are going to buy it off the AH, even if they know they could get it cheaper by farming. Its nearly always cheaper to farm mats for professions, and yet most people don't. They'd rather not spend the time.

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    If you're wanting the most bang for your buck, sell them. Enchanters don't need Heavenly Shards or Maelstrom crystals to skill to 500, at which point they can use MoP mats.

    425 - 435: Boots - Earthen Vitality
    435 - 455: Cloak - Lesser Power
    455 - 465: Boots/Gloves - Haste
    465 - 475: Cloak - Int
    475 - 485: Chest - Mighty Resil
    485 - 500: Shield - Mastery

    You could sub in heavenly shards to do the ring enchant between 475 - 485 but honestly, dust is cheaper to make than sharding blues. Plus you'd need 10-15 for those points since it starts at yellow skillup whereas the Chest - Mighty Resil is orange for 5-10 levels.

    Lastly, if anyone was going to make a twink 85, they'd use the MoP enchants since MoP stuff works on gear ilvl 372+.
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    I don't think it matters much if you vendor now or de, and try to sell later. The overall difference shouldn't be more than a few hundred gold even if cata mat prices should be high a few weeks or months from now.

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    you can get from 425-500 enchanting using nothing but dust and essences. Unless you're wearing greens, sell 'em.

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