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    HORDE: Where to start for MoP?

    So I havent played the beta or really payed alot of attention to this expension pack beside the raids. (I like to be mindblown when I start it!)

    So I was wondering. How does the Horde get to Pandaria? Where do the quests start? I dont want to fall alot behind on my questing speed, so this really got me wondering. Thanks in advance
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    It pretty much starts in orgrimmar, if I'm right, from a quest to go with nazgrim and his forces to try and track down an alliance fleet that (well not told to you) have prince anduin with them, to capture him.
    This leads to pandaria


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    Simple, be in Orgrimmar at midnight. The quest you will get then, will tell you all you need to know.
    Pretty sure it's by zeppelin, a little event and voila. You are questing in Jade Forest.

    Something like that anyway.

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