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    World of Warcraft Streams

    Please use this thread to post links to your World of Warcraft-related streams!

    1. Don't beg for likes, favorites, subscribers, etc.

    2. Don't bash or insult anyone else's streams.

    3. Don't use this to advertise contests, giveaways, etc.

    4. Don't post streams anywhere except the stream stickies.

    If your stream deals with the following, post in the correct other sticky instead!

    Also, make sure to check out the Official MMO-Champion Live Stream!
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    One of the TOP World of Warcraft Gold Makers, teaching you how to make it!

    ex Top 10 US Raiding Mage
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    Will be streamig all the way to level 90 + A lot more! Check it out for resto / balance druid pov stream. Starting off with an instance farm to 87 with insaaaaaane group! Gogo check it out when it starts in a little bit!

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    51 Heroic 25 man raiding!
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    Warrior tank/dps levling!!

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    lvling up my warrior through instances! non-stop streaming 'till 90!
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    Come watch this humble Rogue rock it up in questing, dungeons, and other fresh-new-expansion madness! Hope to see you in chat.

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    Former pro vanilla top player (few EU firsts) streaming Mists Warrior & Mage action to the fullest. (PvE and PvP)

    yes im swedish.
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    Heroic farming and World Raid bosses - Reckoning US 18th

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    Streaming normal Mogu'shan vaults tonight @ 18.15 CEST!

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    Streaming most evenings on WoW, usually raids, challenges or maybe a bit of PvP, good music and decent quality. Raiding in Nightwatchers on Outland-Eu - Hunter PoV mostly, sometimes raiding on my DK alt. Schedule is 5 days a week Wed, Thu, Sun, Mon, Tue from 19:00-00:00 CEST, tune in!
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    Quote Originally Posted by parazito86 View Post
    I am so bored today
    Should've watched my stream! Cleared 6/6 25-man world 12th ) You can always watch the video that gets automatically recorded

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    Running warlock through heroics to gear up for raids. Feel free to ask any questions about my class or MoP in general.

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    My Stream is for all games, wow guild wars 2 league of legends and whatever scare game im playing.

    Its meant to be a funny stream and it has mostly people from netherlands and sweeden watching it atm.

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    Raids on certain days (have a link on the raid thread already), dailies and alt stuff on other days! Also a little league of legends and starcraft from time to time.

    EDIT: Also play music and will interact with viewers (once I get some )
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