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    14/14 hc guild farm night. Druid pov. Gonna heal some fights, tank shamans and dps other fights as feral.

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    Hey guys! I'm a newer twitch live streamer and returning wow player. This time around I am back with a new challange for myself, to get one member of every class to level 90 by the release of Warlords. No trade secrets, no twinking my alts and no credit for existing toons.
    A little info about me and my stream: my stream is , I stream at 1080p and I love talking to people in my chat. My biggest stream days are weekends at noon Pacific time.
    I hope to see some of you along the way through this fun challange.

  3. #223 #1 Illidan group 9/9 Challenge Modes Give Away!!

  4. #224 10$ pet giveaway after Challenge Modes

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    New streamer looking for some support, come hang out!

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    Posting here coz nazi mods.

    Me and some lads are starting up our old project which revolves around livestreaming and giving back to the community. This is about challenge modes.
    Challenge modes are being removed soon, and there are many people who havent done them.

    The way this works is: We will use Nightbot to pick a random follower from the stream. We will then do a /roll 1-9 (less if we dont feel like doing too many) and the number it rolls is the amount of Challenge Modes you and 1 other lucky person gets! If you disagree on which CMs you want, you roll for it.

    You get to play with players like Celar (, Fragnance: and me

    This is only in the EU though

    We're not online right now, but we will be on tonight. Im just posting it here to give it more attention so more than 3 people compete for these spots as female deviants with cleavage and sub optimal gameplay is stealing our attention on twitch.

    - Swe out

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    The VoxQuantum Thursday Special is on later today! Get onto Twitch ( around 8pm GMT later tonight!

    Weekly reset yesterday means gear farming, and banter with everyone!
    Check out my Twitch channel!!

    Highlights of which are on my Youtube channel!!

    And Follow me on Twitter for all updates!!

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    Hello guys im a guy at the age of 18 living in sweden streaming daily what i do on World of Warcraft but the most fabulous part is that we are giving Away a full 9/9 CM gold for each 100 Followers i will also be streaming alpha when i get time check me out at

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    Hey all=)

    10 BDK vs Soo hc 21 June 10:00 Msk
    Only here

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    Streaming 14/14H 10 every week on Tuesday and Wednesday 10pm-2am EST!

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    Arcane mage + some HS (opening 40booster pack included:P)

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    New stream just set up channel need support to start this!! you might be able to win something!

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    My cousin just got beta, and i'd luv yall if ya showed him luv

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    Currently Streaming..

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    Disabled Gaming Awareness


    Been long time player of wow and been going to mmo champ for last year or so and thought I would sign up to my first forum as I have never posted before and thought id introduce myself. I play on Draenor EU been playing hunter and Druid since tbc along with other characters my hunter name is Swiftbamboo and Druid is called Swiftboom and have recently got a new system / setup which has allowed me to start playing more and with more time I have started streaming.

    So I Have come to the forums to ask for any help from the community I am Disabled <blind in one eye and severely sighted in the other> my eyesight is deteriorating by the day with a detatched retina and dead nerves doctors explaining my condition in lame terms as a balloon loosing air, I have come to terms with the fact that I will loose my eyesight one day so until that day comes I plan to game as much as physically possible. I also have very little hand eye co-ordination because of the lack of and rapidly deteriorating vision.

    I am gaming for the disabled by the disabled to give hope and to show that reguardless of who you are or what difficulties you have anybody can play if you try and make the best out of your situations.

    From this I have had a lot of help recently from support groups in my own community BASIS who have helped me in so many ways that I will always be thankful for, but I still am in need of more help I want to game and stream to raise awareness for those who may be in the same position as myself or know someone in a similar position so any help or advice is welcome. is where to find me so please come and support me in any way you can



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  18. #238 Going live with some hk farming / bloody coin farming

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  20. #240 Going Live Garrosh HC Progression

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