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    Hy o/
    My Guild "Infinite Cooldown" 14/14HC Livestream and WoD Beta stream or other games

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    leveling ally side
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  3. #243 14/14 25hc Fury warrior raiding + sc2 action

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    Nov 2013

    Heroic Garrosh progression

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    pro streem

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    Does anyone know a good stream where I can improve my skills as a Rogue?

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    I just found one of my old videos from twitch, when I first discovered that I could use fire elemental in arenas for MoP. lol

    Also for my stream.

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    Interesting game, the gameplay is based on different classes and races, completing quests, exploration, fighting various monsters and bosses in instances and playing against other players in PvP battles.

  10. #250 Streaming on and off currently, but will be streaming WoD leveling, dungeons, and raiding

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    Stream Link:
    Toon Name: Adam
    Server: Shadowsong - EU
    Guild: Original
    Spec: Frost/Blood/Unholy
    Raid Days: Wednesdays, Thursday, Sunday
    Raid Times: 06:40PM - 10:00PM GMT
    Blogs/Etc Websites:

    Will be streaming leveling on 13-11-14 (90 - 100) Heroic raids and instances and stuff for first 2 weeks of expan then Mythic raids after if all is well. Normally DPS likely 2h frost the start of expan possibly unholy though fight depending.
    - BattleTag: Adam#2586 -

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    Hey guys,

    I'm setting up my stream right now in preparation for WoD and I plan to stream very actively. Please give me a follow if you enjoy the content.

    Most importantly, let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on improvements or content. I'm always listening to my viewers!

    Stream highlights:

    Scheduled Broadcast: My life currently and in the near future allows me to be very active and consistent so you always know when I'll be live (barring any emergency!)

    Giveaways: Plan to do lots of giveaways of games, other codes, peripherals etc.

    Interactivity: Vote on content such as 24h stream or what class you want me to play as my main (WoD etc.). Playing with viewers, Raid/Old Content/Quest/Level etc.

    24h - 72h Marathons: I plan to do epic marathon streams based on your votes... plz vote for good stuff

    High Production Quality: My aim is to take my stream serious, epic internet connection, new computer etc. I strive to make the stream as good as possible. Let me know if you wish to see certain features.

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    Streaming everyday, Both in the morning and Evening.
    Going forward with Warlords of Draenor, I'll be tackling Druid and Hunter as my main and alts.

    Always interactive and love discussing various topics. Stop by, hangout!

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    Klik, Shadow Priest from Vox Immortalis

    Scheduled Events
    Play with the Stream Night: Thursday 8pm-12am EST (5pm-9pm PST) This schedule may be split between horde and alliance
    Vox Immortalis Tier 17 starting December 2nd: Wed/Sun/Mon 9:30pm-1:30am EST (6:30-10:30 PST)
    Vox Immortalis Siege of Orgrimmar Farm ending Novermber 5th: Wednesday 9:30pm EST (6:30 PST)

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    My current is for all games, wow Guild Wars 2 League of Legends and scare any game im game.

    It'll be a fun outlet and has mostly low-countries and Sweden see atm.

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    Hey folks!

    My name is Jawah and I'm setting up a new stream. I'm a student from Germany and a passionate gamer, who just found out how fun and engaging it can be to share my gameplay with twitch viewers, which is the reason, why I'm promoting my stream.

    My streams are starting on a regular basis at 7pm (utc+1) every wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. There will be loads of giveaways and special events are planned, for example an 24h (or longer) level event for the Warlords of Draenor release with a quality giveaway each new level.

    In general, I hope to be able to stream nearly every night. I'm mostly playing WoW, LoL, CIV BE, ARMA III and many other titles, mostly new releases! There will be additional giveaways every now and then!

    Make sure to follow me on twitter (jawah_eu) and facebook (jawaheu), so you don't miss any of the broadcasts and giveaways!

    I hope you enjoy my broadcasts and I'm gonna see you more often, I'm really looking forward to it!

    Promo picture for this week:

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    hi everyone! how are you all today?
    awesome! well i have been streaming for around a week now and i want to really get into it. i consistently stream if not every other day, then everyday. I am a 2200+ resto druid and will be streaming a number of games but mostly wow and my climb up the arena ladders and other arena shenanigans!
    please drop in and follow or give me some criticism when you stop in! this helps me out alot. it takes 2 seconds to click on a link. you never know! u might like me <3 lol my schedule is listed in my stream.

    my twitch name is:

    looking forward to seeing you there and chatting with you!

    thank you,
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    looking for new fan base,
    So I’m from Scotland and tend to start streaming more in my spare time, I will be playing WOD, League, and some other games with friends and randoms, I am from a guild called Original on shadowsong EU and I will be playing feral druid in expansion , I am gold I league and tend to get higher next season as season 4 just about to end, I will take cuts of my streams edit them, make some vids on the tube, and stuff, I’m looking for a new bunch of viewers AKA YOU GUYS. I would appreciate it if you guys took your time came along watched or hit follow, just to get me out there and if you like what you see mention me to your buds,

    Much appreciation Kyoushi <original>

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    We're celebrating the release of WoD, come and join uns AND WIN!

    promo pic:

    Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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    The end of the expansion and the start of the new one is among my favorite time in any video game. The best way to send it off is with a bang, and get one last list of things done before leveling and gearing anew.

    As the hours dwindle, my guild <ONE> will be doing Cata-Mop Mount runs along with boosting a couple of groups on Heroic Garrosh to get last minute heirlooms for free! - Just pop into the stream with your real ID and I will get you added to the list!
    The event will begin at 2 EST and go right until the EU launch!

    Join us at
    Stream has already started!
    Co-Owner of ONELegionTV - Guides, Tanking, Blood DK Soloing Mythic+ and other discussions about all things in WoW: Legion

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