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    Running warlock through heroics to gear up for raids. Feel free to ask any questions about my class or MoP in general.

  2. #362 ( cannot post link because i've not done 10 posts on MMO yet )
    Mythic farm & progress raids.
    High mythic + keys.
    Protection paladin - Guardian druid - fury warrior - frost dk
    Tune in and ill answer all questions!

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    908 Survival Hunter. 7.2 Grind and then Mythic Star Augur Progression later with some ESEA Counter Strike PUGs.

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    908 Survival Hunter. 7.2 Grind and then Mythic Star Augur Progression later with some ESEA Counter Strike PUGs.

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    Mostly PVE stream (DK/Mage/Paladin), currently raiding with <MLFA> 10/10 Mythic, stream is up almost every day after 7 p.m. PST.
    We do a lot of Mythic+ carries, and casual raids. If you want to learn about WeakAuras this is the stream for you

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    9/10 Mythic RShaman Farm then Mythic Gul'dan! Watch for a cause and support #StJudePlayLive

    Watch here:

    ♪♬ An Karanir Thanagor ♬♪

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    10/10 Mythic Resto Druid - 919 iLvL (I also make Restoration druid YouTube content)

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    Hello everyone!

    I haven't played WoW for 5 years - about to play again with some viewers from my stream. Feel free to come say hi and help me out with everything that has changed since Cata! I stream usually weekdays between 6-10pm CST/GMT-06 and often on weekends

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    Hey Friends!

    I stream all of Mythic Raid progression (Havoc DH/Sub Rogue) over at

    My main raid is from 8pm-11PM AEST (Eastern Australia) on Wednesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's on Frostmourne (Oceanic).

    I also host and stream a community raid on Friday Night that starts with a full Normal clear before switching across to Heroic and pushing as far as we can get.

    Feel free to drop on by to check out some gameplay and hang out in chat where we often talk class design, encounter design, raid strats, lore and other nerdy stuff.

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    Thanks for the info that you have provided Tai Rin.

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    Twink leveling quite often but doin' some HC runs with my main(922 Monk DD)
    feel free to visit me if you want

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    5/9M Moonkin main
    Doing alt stuff until main raid at 9 EST Weds/Friday

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    936 Hunter main and multiple 915+ alts. Come in to chat and maybe hit me with a follow. <Business Class> -Sargeras 6/9M

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    Starting to stream a little more often outside of raid times(usually only stream for the bench in my guild) and I want to see if I can grow my channel a bit.

    Mostly random daily things in wow, M+, Raiding, leveling and sometimes pvp. More than open to doing viewer related things once I have the viewership for it

    Pretty chill stream, may or may not have little rage fits and lots of dying to things I shouldn't.

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    On Youtube my channel can be found by searching Igor The Cruel. I play (and have played since BC) with a controller. I'm also incorporating non conventional controllers into the stream/videos as well, such as a Rockband guitar lmao.

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    I alternate streaming the wife and I catching up on content since we took a year off Mon and Weds with currently doing 7.3.5 PTR testing on Tues and Thursday. Friday's stream is unrelated to WoW. You find us at or hope to see you in chat!

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