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    My name is Galarn, i stream quite often at i usually stream lots of WoW pvp content as well as raids with my guild! check it out guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by galarn View Post
    My name is Galarn, i stream quite often at i usually stream lots of WoW pvp content as well as raids with my guild! check it out guys!
    Very Nice =)

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    Going to be starting the "Ironman Challenge" and streaming the entire run will be looking to stream until I hit a 90 (Obviously not in one sitting but I mean attempts won't stop until it's done)

    Basically the challenge is to level a character with no outside aid, no talents, no guild, no gear beyond white quality and if I die I have to restart again from level 1. (Complete rules can be found below)

    Looking to stream a few hours every day maybe more depending on how popular the stream is.

    Rules can be found at:

    Stream can be found at:

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    TGN/Machinima Director Cyberpsycosis streaming WoW Horde Levelling Come join

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    Canadashero, officer of Supermassive US 5th Raiding Guild, streaming live full clear of Heart of Fear + Terrace of Endless Spring!

    7:30pm - 12:00 midnight, come watch!

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    Deveh's Stream

    Streaming WoW Content such as:

    24 hour leveling streams
    Gold Making (over 7 million gold)
    Raiding Heroic content from a Raid Leader's perspective
    RBG's, BG's, Arenas with Skype
    Challenge Modes

    High Quality Stream

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    Dumduq - Season 3/4 Gladiator returning to game! Leveling, PvP, Gearing, Chillin! Come join! 100 viewers and we giveaway some gametime!

    Search for Dumduq on Twitch to find my stream!

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    Streaming wow content:

    - Gold making
    - Raids
    - RBG's, Arena's
    - Random stuff

    High Quaity Stream that needs some feedback.

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    Cyberpsycosis Streaming RaF Levelling (TGN/Machinima Partners)

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    Resto Shaman
    -Other Games
    I also try to do giveaways when it is in my budget to do so little things like cinder kittens and WoW game time.
    Check out my livestream and follow me on twitter.
    I Livestream and do giveaways.

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    Heroic Elite Protectors stream from <Supermassive>

    Hunter point of view -

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    WoW Progression Raids - Normal & Heroic

    welift. net

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    Blåbärsjuice, Priest.

    Doing pretty much what everyone else does, Raids, Dungeons, Capping VP etcetc..
    <Sick Sense>

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    Leveling up my DK on Tichondrius Horde - US
    Just listening to music and leveling, hop in if you're bored

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    Streaming 16/16HM Farm content, with CM, RBG's, arenas and general pissing about in between.

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    Low rated Arena, 750 to start, our mage is sheit geared, MLS

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    Cool - Server Downtime Fun

    come visit the livestream if you're bored like the rest of us waiting for WoW...

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    2400 RBGS from Hunter PoV. Thanks!

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