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    Officer of <Supermassive> US 5th doing Beta Testing!

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    Hi, i am a composer and i thought
    i will do a World of Warcraft Movie Soundtrack for Gnomes

    If you are interested in Music or how music (cinematics) are created please take a look in my Stream.
    Someday if the Soundtrack is ready i will offer it Blizzard for free, the stream is a proof that i have done it by myself. There are no covers or coversions its a handmade cinematic yust for World of Warcraft composed.
    - I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. -
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    Cyberpsycosis is streaming 2's with swifty as a hpally, GO check it out!

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    doing sha of fear hc

    DK tank PoV!

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    Raiding in Nightwatchers on Outland-Eu as a Hunter main..

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    25 Man PTR testing a majority of the day! Hunter officer PoV of <Supermassive> US 5th

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    Down for life 10-man guild 12/16 Heroic going to be raiding tonight trying to kill Heroic Empress

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    Sha HC DK tank PoV, starting slowly tonight soo

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    Streaming tonight at around 8PM PST, Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults farm / sale clear.

    Disc Priest POV (occasionally Holy or Shadow)
    Stage Clear @ Kil'jaeden US - 16/16HM 25m
    Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 8PM-12AM PST (and usually Mondays)

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    sha hc DK PoV (tank)

    (12-14-17% tryes last time!)

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    TSM - Shadowmoon(US)

    Currently 12/16HM


    Mon - Thurs 7:30pm to 12:00pm EST

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    sha HC DK tank PoV tryes, starting soonish

    now started and having some good tryes
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    - Nightmare Asylum: #2 US 10man.
    - Will be streaming 5.2 Progression.
    - Brewmaster main, Prot Paladin Alt.
    - Giveaways at follower marks. Next mark is 150 followers.
    - Available to answer questions.

    Streaming Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon 6 PST - 11 PST.
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    Sig made by Shyama. Click sig for current Warlock armory.

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    Sha hc Dk tank PoV

    (yes im a clicker for those who wonder..)

    killed sha HC!

    now in hc HOF to clear that one off (again) just for valor and OS gear etc
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    Streaming challenge modes

    Doing giveaways also!

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    Clearing stuff, since we have killed sha hc

    DK tank PoV.

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    Streaming Full HD PvP from a DK PoV.

    Mostly 7-16 EU realm time. Come enjoy!

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    DK tank poV

    clearing old content.

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