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    Blood DK and Frost DK 10/25man raiding.
    Watch me live top US raiding guild @ I raid 8PM EST-12/1AM EST Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday, with live mumble.

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    failing on Dark animus by the looks of it

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-11 at 07:44 PM ---------- for lei shen DK tank pov.

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    Officer of <Supermassive> US 5th 25 man raiding guild, streaming heroic progression!

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    <Shining Force> top 100 US
    Streaming 25 man raids
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7pm-11pm CST

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    I am going to stream and i would love to have people watch as i go and try to work on playing league windowed mode XD But if people watch i will do ranked!
    My user name is Darkarmist on twitch!

    Please support me and my stream

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    Going to give streaming a try. Come watch my low quality stream! (great incentive right?)

    doing 25H mageara progression tonight. Blood DK pov

    EDIT: oops found the raid stream sticky XD
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    World record attempt in challenge modes right now.

    Mostly streaming challenge modes and 25 man heroic raid content.

    Just did world 7th mogushan
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    Warrior of <Supermassive>

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    new(ish) stream starting up

    Main mage with rogue/druid/warrior 90 alts, leveling every other job to 90 occasionally, streaming PvP, PvE, AHing, whatever I'm doing. If I'm online, odds are the stream is up.

    Or you could just come look at my epic beard.

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    Fury warrior in a US 20-30th 25man ranked guild (<Angry> on US-Illidan), streaming occasional heroic progression/farming at

    Also stream occasional League of Legends/Diablo 3/whatever random game I'm playing at the time.
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    New to streaming, tune in for epic pvp ownage!!!!

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    New streamer here! Streaming current raid content Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and random RBGs, Arenas, and general gameplay the rest of the time! Come hang out!

    Check out Dumduq on twitch.

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    skyraweekes stream eu nagrand i stream everything days and nights

    Disco Priest EU nagrand
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    Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 9:30-12:30 EST

    <The Horsemen> 4/13 H

    Currently on Heroic Ji-Kun

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    doing some lei shen heroic!

  17. #97 Heroic Twins Progession! 9/13H Currently // Mage PoV

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    10/13 HC 25 man, rogue PoV. Progressing on Dark Animus HC. Raidtimes between 19.00 and 00.00 GMT+1, Sunday - Thursday.
    New to streaming so if you do stop by, feel free to leave some feedback about the quality of the stream so it can be improved.
    It's only game. Why you heff to be med? - Ilya Bryzgalov

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    Going for Primordius, Iron Qon and then Twin Consorts HC this week! 7/13 HC atm

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    Hey guys, Fisstech here. I stream every night on twitch, with a mix of games including which ever main mmo I am focusing on.

    Doing a Razer Naga Giveaway on the 29th, you can check out my stream for more information or my youtube page, just search for FisstechTV.

    Hope to see you around.

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