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    Are any of the world firsts guilds going to stream Siege? Blood Legion? Midwinter?

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    Keyboard Turner Havi's Avatar
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    Sep 2013


    Monday: 20:30-23:30 raid
    Tuesday: 20:30-23:30 raid
    Wednesday: 20:30-23:30 raid
    Thursday: 20:30-23:30 raid
    Friday: ???
    Saturday: ???
    Sunday: 20:30 raid

    Hunter PoV semi-hardcore guild raiding! 7/14 atm going for 14/14 before heroics! Extra stream tonight 20:30-23:30 raid GMT+1!

    I will also stream Hearthstone before raids and maybe on weekends so stay tuned!

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    Hey guys!

    I'm streaming now.

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    Streaming <Vigil> (US Top 5 25m) Heroic Progression Live. - warlock POV - rogue POV - Hpal POV

    Armory -
    Stream - (Tues-Thurs 7:00 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 3:30 cst)

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    BEST PT 25 man raiding Guild HC. All the End-Content!

    Shadow Priest PoV!

    Sponsored by

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    <RTAN> Retaliation's Home to crazy Stream. (Come and chat with me or my crew)

    Note that all the times are (GMT/London/UK)

    Monday: 6:00pm- 12:00am
    Tuesday: 6:00pm- 12:00am
    Wednesday: 6:00pm- 12:00am
    Thursday: 12pm - All Day
    Friday: 12pm - All Day
    Saturday: 12pm - All Day
    Sunday:12pm - All Day

    Enhance / Restro Shaman gearing and dungeon runs while sometimes levelling alts.

    I do stream other games, Dota 2. StarCraft Laddering. (Might get into casting..not sure yet) but I just stream whatever I feel like

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    Keyboard Turner berts's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Sunsong Ranch

    MW PoV for heroic 10m progression (H-Ner'zhul Duh Winning)

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    Could range anywhere from rogue or mage (raids or pvp), or me leveling some alts (hunter and warlock)

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    im a new streamer to wow that streams mostly all the time from 5 gmt to 11-10 gmt. i also raid SoO normal and soon to have hc on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday and Sunday from 6-9 GMT so you can expect alot of raiding and pve related stuff on the stream.

    i also stream hearthstone, skyirm and alot of other games so if you want to help out a new streamer grow please come along and watch and show it to your friends and i will take any resquests to play games and if i start geting big i may give out some spare hearthsotne beta keys and buy a good game on steam to giveway =D i hope to see you soon

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    Just youtube channel wanting subscribers please anything will help going to be uploading Multiboxing content


    - - - Updated - - -

    I also stream sometimes, but it's not perfect yet will post link soon!
    "add w ww .youtu be .com infront of the /channel/*************"

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    It's saturday, so probs we are doing some giveaways tonight


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    Blademaster Shinoga's Avatar
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    May 2013

    Pet Battle Stream: Hunting them Rare's and might even give away a Pet Store Pet
    Follow Shinoga:


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    funniest stream I have ever seen. guy is on bath salts or something, LIVE NOW! He is rapping like a BOSS

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    Hello everyone, i started to stream / edit videos recently, and am doing some fun stuff like 1v2 arenas, 2v3, doing gold give aways from all gold i earn from cap boosts and ofc playing with viewers time to time
    livestream: youtube:

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    Streaming Ascendance main raid 14/14[H] - WW Monk
    Hunter in ScrubBusters

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    Death Jesters US #51 11/14 HM 25M guild Mon-Thurs 9:30PM EST - 12:30AM EST

    Sparty - GM - Holy Paladin

    Dextar - Combat/Assassination Rogue

    Marxman - Survival Hunter

    Hipster - Demo Lock

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    <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME> US 4th, West 16th

    14/14 H clear, Arcane PoV striving for #1 Arcane rank on

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    twitch dot tv/maratxtv/ - such stream. much fun. doge approve. come watch.

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    WW Monk Pattisan Ascendance Raid Leader - Main Raid
    Hunter in ScrubBusters

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    Claire US-Mal'Ganis (Come watch me play wow while u play wow)

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