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    sodapoppin and his annoying ass voice

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    A Shaman that as played since BC and to this day still is active and lives in World of Warcraft. I honestly do everything a shaman can do. Raiding...PVP and just overall pushing myself to get better at being a shaman and progressing with friends.

    Segadra-Horde Shaman

    US- Emerald Dream RP-PvP

    Come and watch if you're interested.

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    Hello forums.

    I’m MallyCon, a small-time streamer that for over an year have been struggling, like many others, to get viewers, and I’ve come here today to spread the word that I’m searching for other smalltime and professional streamers.

    I’ve recently (as of 25th of November) started a new channel on Twitch called MallyTV.
    The reason I’ve started a new channel is that I want to try to create a 24/7 online streaming channel that stream a variety of games by different streamers.
    The idea is that the channel, as you can tell from the name, would work more or less as a TV channel. It would be online at all time (except for when it swap streamers), and the streamers will have a set time when they can stream on the channel.

    A quick example how it would be:
    01.00 PM: Gamerzxx21 playing Minecraft
    02.30 PM: Cheldon Sooper playing Fun with Lags
    05.00 PM: Sir-knight playing GTA
    09.00 PM: Streaming sent in Youtube videos.
    You may question yourself, why would I want to stream on someone else's channel?
    Well, it’s a great way to advertise your own stream seeing as the channel would have another viewer base. And when you stream on the channel you hopefully bring some people in from your channel’s community and you may gain a few.

    So let’s get down to business.
    If you’d like to give it a go, you could be an one-timer on the channel who only stream once (which is perfectly fine) or you may want to be a regular who can get a set time sometimes each week to stream on (i.e. every Tuesday 1-3 PM playing Smite). Or maybe just something more casual, and by that I mean you schedule a time every now and then and pop on and stream. I'm even looking for Youtubers that could stream their already recorded videos on the stream!
    Note! the channel should not be your main streaming-channel. To even get a chance to stream on it will require that you have your own channel.
    To ensure that the channel will have serious streamers I have put some additional requirements (in most cases) to be reached:

    • You must be 16 years or older.
    • You must have over 800 channel views and over 75 followers on Twitch.
    • I need to see you stream(live) at least once.

    • You must be 16 years or older.
    • You must have over 1500 channel views and over 120 subscribers on Youtube to stream recorded videos.
    • You must have over 10 000 channel views and over 550 subscribers on Youtube to get access to stream (live).
    • You must confirm that it’s really your Youtube account by posting a video that is direct towards MallyTV channel.

    Even if you don’t meet these criteria's feel free to send in an application anyway, I read them all.

    There's no application template to fill in, instead I want you to write a little about yourself, what's your goal and such, and send it in to [email protected]
    Note: If you have any questions feel free to send them to [email protected] ,as I am posting this on several gaming/game forums.

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    This guy is breaking the world record for playing the longest in one sitting. Pretty interesting to check in on him now and then to see if he is still alive.

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    Start It Up Cevlol's Avatar
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    u r dump ;`)

    Ascension, US #9 (#1 Oceanic, #1 Barthilas) Australian raiding guild

    720p/60fps - come watch us clear farm for the next 5 months. HEH ~

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    On this Friday 16:00ST (GMT+1) (13/12 - 2013)
    There will be a 24 hour stream to raise funds for children's hospital at Zyrhon's Stream and Freddy's Stream.

    We will be leveling toons during this event by speedrunning through dungeons.

    No raf, only heirlooms.

    Setup is Resto Druid & Protection Warrior.

    Come join us and have fun!

    Donation links can be found at the streams description and the money goes straight to Extra-life, meaning there is absolutely no way of us to hassle you.

    Information about the charity company can be found here:
    Extra Life website
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    Duality is going to be doing a heroic 10 man this week because we won't have enough for a 25 man. The first raid night will be on 12/26 at around 7:00 - 7:30 EST and same times on 12/29, if we don't clear in one night. We cleared to Garrosh on H 10 man the other week but ran out of time and didn't get to attempt him. If you want to come check it out and give some 10 man tips that would be great! I will play my warlock for most of the night but might swap to the mage for a boss or two.

    I also stream our main and alt raids every week if you're interested. Those are Sunday - Thursday 7:30 - 12:30 EST. I am trying to make the stream better so if you have any tips on what I can do to improve it let me know!

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    Doing a Q/A about tanking (Paladin Focus)/Raid leading from 7/14H Raid leader!

    Come ask any questions you'd like! i'm more than happy to answer.

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    Fluffy Kitten Fnx-'s Avatar
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    Envy 14/14H Farm Raid NAOW!! - DPS DK POV

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
    MY DK - "Stand in the fire, DPS higher!"

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    Streaming Gold CMs with my guild on my alt BrM monk!

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    normal alt sale run going on now

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    Paragon's first (on stream) 25m raid since tier 13!

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    Field Marshal foonkinator's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    East Coast USA
    Streaming Heroic SoO currently 7/14HM as a 572 Unholy DK poV - From Area 52 US. Currently raid Sat/Sunday @ 12pm/10am .

    Ask questions and watch =)


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    Keyboard Turner Ahnalei's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    9/14H Resto Shaman PoV streamer here. Raid stream schedule is Tues, Weds, Thurs 8-11 PST. Also starting to stream more PvP and a few other games. I have a ton of raid experience (came back to the game not long ago, so not as much progression as I would like this expansion >.<) and know a lot about resto shaman and resto druid. Come hang out, ask questions, or run a BG or flex with me

    Ahnalei - US - Cenarius
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    Im trying to start a new stream and i need some help setting up my page for info and what not if anyone can message me on here and give me some advice or help id appreciate it :] I will be playing WoW, Rift, DayZ, GTA 5, Hearthstone, HotS{when it comes out} ESO{ when it is allowed to be streamed} and other games that i have ideas for but i need help setting things up. THANKS !

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    14/14 Heroic Ret Paladin - Raiding Rainbows

    From my understanding there aren't many highly progressed ret paladin streamers out there. Therefore, I would just like to give people the opportunity to have the PoV of a ret paladin streamer. But don't let this hinder the audience to just ret paladins. I'll gladly help anyone with any raiding, pvp, or acheivement questions to the best of my ability with my experience (achievement experience, 20.5k). I occasionally stream on my hunter alt.

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    Blademaster Shinoga's Avatar
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    From now on available on the new Hitbox Live

    Come check it out or help out with the Follows!
    Follow Shinoga:


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    Field Marshal foonkinator's Avatar
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    East Coast USA
    Fresh Heroic SoO 8/14hm Pushing for Malk

    574 DK Unholy.

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    Raiding Rainbows 14/14 Heroic - H Garrosh

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