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    I was able to venture out to the Isle of the Thunder King! This barely shows how epic this island is as just everything on it is amazing.

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    So I did a raid guide for Oondasta, its the first real guide I have ever done. Hope you all enjoy!


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    I don't know if it's been posted before

    If you're quiting send me your gold.
    For The AllianceFor The Horde

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    Hello everyone! Went fury specced with bladestorm and this is the result with live commentary! Hope you guys enjoy if you do support is deeply appreciated

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    Beyond the Mists returns for the first part into the new year covering Patch 5.2 news!

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    This is a very simple way!

    All you need: it is to go in Halfhill and take with you only ONE priest, with talent Cascade.

    Now see what will be u can do:

    Safety zone (phase): where planting vegetables, run in this zone and guards will not can get you.

    use subtitles in video

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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage arena PvP for you guys! HF!

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    A look at the new Monk changes in 5.2, which includes the new spell Storm, Earth and Fire!

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    Hello all you lovely people here at MMO Champion! On the Internet I go by the name 'Only 777' and I have a great channel on Youtube Called 'The Dodgy Kebab'. Anyway I've dropped by this thread to show you all my great WoW video series called Vanilla VS Pandaria, in which I put the 2005 version of WoW side by side with the 2013 version. In each video i run through a different area and show the changes that have been made over the years.

    You can see the whole playlist here:
    But Here are some videos from the Series to pull you in!

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    A look at the changes that happened on the Isle of the Thunder King from the most recent patch, as well as a look at the rare spawn Goda that can be found on the island!

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    Blizzard made a 5.2 Trailer so I decided to do the same.

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    This is my first time leveling a Horde Character in over a year! so i thought i would make a series of it on my channel! Im currently partnered with machinima as well! check it out and feedback would be awesome!

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    Simple way to get butthurt frop 90-s players.

    All what you need it's one priest with Cascade talent.

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    Latest update from the PTR Servers, hope you enjoy!

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    A quick guide to killing the Zandalari Warbringer, and Zandalari Scout, as well as also how to tame Direhorns!

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    Nice videos so far, watched every single of 'em

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    Hey Mmochampion! After lurking about for a couple of weeks I have finally made an account and I would like to share a lil something with everyone, it's a short video of me and a friend of mine playing some 2v2 with a weird comp of arms war and demo lock. The commentary provided by the partner is in romanian so you might want to ignore that. Since it's my first video please make sure to leave a comment with what you like/didn't like about the video.

    Thank you for your time!

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    The New episode of 'Did you Know Warcraft: Vanilla VS Pandaria' is now live and you can see it here:

    If you missed any of the previous 18 episodes you can see the playlist here:

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