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    Short stinky animation I made for you assassin creed rogue lovers.

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    A video of myself at the Dark Portal. Tons of horde here and I manage to ruffle some feathers while not being max level.

    Just a video talking about patch 5.2 and some preparation ideas. I will be posting more videos in this thread soon regarding 5.2, stay tuned!

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    Hello there everyone! I'm sharing a new live commentary BG, but this video isn't so much about the gameplay and more about an idea that atleast sounds good in my head and wanted to try it out So if you like the video support would be absolutely amazing, and if you liked the idea or not let me know! ^^ Thanks in advance <3

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    A bog standard HoF HC farm raid starts off with an unusually exciting Imperial Vizier Zor'lok...

    Great times.

    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    The latest episode of my tauren druid leveling series is finally up! League of legends was the cause of delay for this episode XD

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    It was going to happen at some point! WoW Harlem Shake!

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    You get a choice between PvP and PvE dailies on the new Isle of Thunder in 5.2, here's a quick look at the differences between them and about how long it takes to finish them!

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    The video is a little late but here is our first H Sha kill.

    #1 US 25 9 hours/week
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    The last part of the Isle of Thunder questline, with a great conclusion to it!

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    Hey guys, my name is Priesttrev.

    I started a YouTube channel about two weeks ago and it's growing fairly steadily, but I don't think i'm getting enough exposure. That's what brought me here.
    On my channel, you will find DAILY uploads of 2200+ Discipline Priest Arena Gameplay.

    Please support me by subscribing and leaving positive feedback!

    Thanks, Priesttrev.

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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Here is the challenge video done with great success ^^ For those who are unfamiliar with this idea, basicly I posted a video saying that anyone could challenge to do something within the game and I would record the attempt to do it, so the first challenge was get top killing blows in alterac valley and here is the result!

    I hope you all like it and if you do support would be absolutely amazing <3 Thanks everyone!

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    One of the last rare spawn added in 5.2 left to cover, this guy drops a nice flavor item and is not related to the Champions of Lei Shen achievement.

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    The official thunder king trailer! patch 5.2! and my thoughts about it! Super excited about this ptach!

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    Of course it had to be made.

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    was looking through my screenshots, and I stumbled upon this.. Had completely forgotten all about it. But it was while levelling in the beginning of MoP for a quest that required a little walking of the NPC, and people had literally lined up to complete it.
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    That faded figure in archaeology gets it's own place now with the Mantid, adding another race to the list of races you get learn more about! Two new Bind on Account items as well for their rares, so a great addition indeed.

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    Hello there dear anook! ^^ Here is some good arena games with affliction warlock (Gimlihadanaxe) and Holy Paladin, this is a really fun comp I've been playing for a while and will stick with it, maybe even for 5.2! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did recording and playing it, if you do thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would mean the world! <3

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    New video talking about some of the new Raid changes in patch 5.2!

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    Fun with Heroic Gara'jal! ~ No Totems!

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