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    is this really happening to 5.2...? lol i can't say any hurray

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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Here's more arena content that I'm really happy to share, some more progression with my comp, Arms warrior / affliction / Hpala! Some fun games with some tips along the way to try to help out for warriors and for these type of comps ^^
    I really do hope you enjoy this, I also do apologize for a short video, but my life is being a mess with the easter hollidays haha! xD

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    Rogue 5.2 Gankin!

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    Hope you like it !

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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Today I present you engineering fun at its fullest Long live gnomish goggles x-ray specs ^^ These goggles basically allow you to see all the other players with no clothes, I have it on, and this is a BG enough said
    Hope you have a nice laugh and if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be amazing! <3

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    My latest Blender creation...

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    Here is an arena commentary on our further progression with the comp WLP (warrior, lock, pala), and we play some interesting games where I will try to commentate and point out what is going on and turning points on the game!
    I hope you guys enjoy this, if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be deeply apreciated! <3

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    Hello everyone! ^^ Here are two matches that I said I would post, these were some intense games as WLP vs a Warr / Fire mage / R Shaman and vs BM / Spriest / H pally!
    I'm more than glad to be able to share my progression with you all, it has been amazing and the feedback I'm getting is tons apreciated! Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy these nice matches, and if you do support would be awesome <3

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    Raptor wars vs Horde. Episode 1:

    This is JURASSIC WARS !

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    Hey there folks, I just wanted to get word out that I have a somewhat young YouTube channel where I play games and give commentary on them! So far I cover games like SimCity, Dead Space, BioShock Infinite, and World of Warcraft.

    World of Warcraft footage is something new I've started. I have played since 2005 and have experience with all classes and most races. My plan for the WoW series of videos is to basically go through the first couple zones for each race and talk about their storylines and environment, mainly sticking to lore to help people who may be new to WoW decide on what they might want to play as.

    I would greatly appreciate feedback from the audience so I could improve anything that needs improvement, so head on over and check it out!


    YouTube -
    Twitter -
    I make videos of SimCity mainly, but am open to suggestions; check me out!

    YouTube Channel -
    Twitter -

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    Hey guys
    This video is for new and experienced players to try become aware of the situations they find themselves in and the benefits its brings when training yourself and challenging yourself to always look for more things happening on the battlefield.

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    The Adventures of Tinkerbottom - The Interactive WoW Machinima

    Hello MMO-Champion. Hope we're doing well today and hopefully this is the right place to post this. I'd like to introduce you to The Adventures of Tinkerbottom. A player driven World of Warcraft machinima where the viewer gets to choose how the story progresses. I've had this idea for an interactive machinima for sometime now and figured I'd give it a shot.

    If you're interested in watching or want to take part. Just post a comment to the latest video of the series to have a chance to advance the plot. The video here will explain things easier hopefully. Enjoy!

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    My newly put together Elemental shaman guide. Pew pew!

    I have quite a few other shaman videos on my channel and I've also started putting together cinematic zone videos. If you're interested, here's the link:
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    Morgan Freeman Voiceover :-)

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    Secrets of Ragefire deal with the things that Garrosh is doing "under" Org and oh man, I must say this is an amazing scenario, all should do it!

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    Hello there mmo-champion! Here is some Titan's Grip Fury Bladestormin battleground epic fun with Gimlihadanaxe haha I think the title is pretty much self explanatory, we just had ablast and I hope you have it too watching it! ^^
    If you like it a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would mean the whole world, thank you so much everyone! <3

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    The Blood in the Snow and Dark Heart of Pandaria Scenario's bring you into the 5.3 quest lines, and each has it's own faction represented in it. However you will have to do both, but they are both thrilling to participate in!

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    Not many bosses left to go. Need to re-record Jin'rokh and Horridon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxweii View Post
    Org and Durotar had some major changes, all part of Garrosh's war plan!
    My video shows what you can do with the guards outside Orgrimmar to get full epic latent kor'kron armor and lots of lesser charms in no time

    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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