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    Hey, I've got a selection of videos for use, first one is my first rare spawn that I found in MoP:

    And the 2nd is some footage that I had from last seasons PvP. I just used the video to practice editing:

    Hope you enjoy! I make these video's for fun, not for a living and I hope that shows

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    Having a hard time grinding black prince rep?

    It's fun and efficient ;D

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    This is how I made THOUSANDS of gold in the first few days of the xpac, it still works just profit margins are no where near the same but you can still turn 60g into 200g!

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    me newest video kind of a teaser

    my youtube channel:

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    Ret healing heroic Scholomance just a few hours after dinging level 90! equipped ilvl isnt even high enough to get into heroics, no wipes just 1 death ret healing should become way easier in a few days, and its been a few days since I recorded this and it has, ret healing all heroics with ease!

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    US 1st/World 3rd level 90. Death Knight, Blood, No ban, no levels removed.

    "This was Solo, no mob tagging and no one helping me. I did this by myself as fast as the people before me and with out a 10 man group killing everything for me"

    The mobs are gorrosh'ar grunts under the alliance gunship in the jade forest. They were giving 7k experience per kill with guild banner at lvl 89, once u do any quests on the gunship they become phased and not kill-able in this manner, to my knowledge they still reward experience.

    And to all the Jelly's out there with your "Grats on ban" whispers... I like strawberry on my sandwiches so keep it coming! PS I was not banned or deleveled.
    This is not me, just posting for my friend. Gratz, bro!

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    The Straw Hat - Video Guide

    The Latest Monk fashion, the Straw Hat!

    I made a small video guide on how to obtain this transmog item. The Straw Hat has a nice paw print on top of it if you look closely. Enjoy!

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    A good way to make thousands of gold per hour by farming with a potion of luck , the new treasure finding potion this video shows a spot where I have been able to obtain over 30 chests in a hour!

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    Some Restoration Druid PoV videos.
    Watch the channel for some incoming heroic modes

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    I've been farming the re-spawning mobs for a while now and have over 1.2k Raw Turtle Meat and 15 Spirit of Harmony. Take advantage while you can! It's East of the Pools of Purity.

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    Stuck with Blacksmithing / Tailoring / Leatherworking at 560-580? I've got you covered.

    Lean back and relax. Stressing over Jewelcrafting leveling? It's so easy!

    More guides and random videos incoming, stay tuned for potential usefulness <3

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    Killed Stone Guard on 25 man heroic last night and made a video of it. Enjoy.

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    http:/ /

    There is a space between the two "/" after "http:" that needs to be deleted.

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    My review of Mists of Pandaria, hope you guys enjoy

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    Hello All,

    I have just finish with upload Alliance Brawler's Guild that you can find in Deeprun Tram (Entering from Stormwind).
    It's still not finished, but looks really cool place for fun Hope you enjoy watching Video.

    P.S. Sorry for the DK that I trolled...

    Also In about 264 Minutes you can find The Krasarang Wilds - Alliance Daily PvP Quests, will be available here:

    I'm off to sleep...

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    Part 1 of many...

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    WoW MOP: Lor'Themar = (Major Spoilers)

    WoW MOP: Lor'Themar = (Major Spoilers)

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