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    wow such a great video. I like this video very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Extraordinaire View Post


    Not hard, I solo'd it on my hunter too. Last week actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyoinsaiyan View Post
    Not hard, I solo'd it on my hunter too. Last week actually.
    well there weren't any vids up ;p

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    Twigleg, Destro Warlock,2's with Blist, Third times a charm!!
    Hey guys just uploaded another arena video from footage last week, I hop you guys enjoy it
    Any likes, comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Remeber to like and Subscribe if you enjoy any of the multiple videos on the Channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Extraordinaire View Post

    Nice Video If there isn't a video about it make one, in my opinion XD
    Keeps up the good work

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    Hey guys, I made a (what we know so far) video for Patch 5.2. Tell me how you like it, and give me some pointers to improve my video making in a PM. Thank you.

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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage PvP arena for you guys! HF!

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    Rogue 5.1 DOMINATION.
    Want Rogue Gameplay? Subtlety/Assassination Guides? 2v2 3v3 and 1v1 strategies?

    Also SCP Containment Breach, Guild Wars 2, and Diablo 3!

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    Made my first duel commentary video, and wanted to share it with you guys! Now this isn't suposed to be a guide sort of thing but as i comment i try to say all the tips and tricks that helped me out alot and made me win these duels. Not showing skill here, to be honest duels as a warrior isn't that hard at all, it is for entertainment purpose only and maybe to help out a little bit some new warriors around here
    I duel a Ret Paladin, a BM Hunter a Balance druid and a Frost Mage (dem tears xD), hope you guys enjoy and if you do a thumbs up or maybe a subscribe would mean the whole world to me!

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    WoW MOP: Dalaran = (Major Spoilers) II

    WoW MOP: Dalaran = (Major Spoilers) II

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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage arena PvP for you guys! HF!

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    Temple of Kotmogu 5.1 Rated Battleground Arms warrior PoV Enjoy guys

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    WW Monk PvP 1v4 in random BG

    Blue geared + t1 weapon

    If you like to watch more ww monk pvp check out my channel for upcoming BG PvP Videos

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    A Wnderfull video I made to test out expressions in After Effects.

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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage arena PvP for you guys! HF!

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    Hello there everyone!
    Here is another parody i've made and wanted to share to all of you, specially to the ones that play with their girlfriend, somedays this is just how it goes xD
    I thought this could be better, definitly could, but i'm still a beginner in the edition process unfortunatly, I'm learning everyday and my journey is being absolutely awesome so far!

    I hope you guys enjoy the video feedback is very very welcome and also a thumbs up or even a subsribe, besides meaning the world to me, will somehow help him to do his desired arenas

    Here goes nothing!

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    Make 1.2k Gold Per Hour Without Moving
    Finally it pays to be a rogue this expansion. I knew clawing my way to 90 on my rogue would pay of somehow. We can barely out damage a warriors second wind but at least we can make a fair amount of gold without so much as moving an inch.
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