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    Mythic Skorpyron - Resto Shaman POV!

    ♪♬ An Karanir Thanagor ♬♪

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    I made another "Pancakes PvP" movie!

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    Hunter Soloing Mythic BlackRock Hold

    Spec: Beast Mastery
    Gear Level: 894 (With Shaladrassil & Apex Ring, Tier 19 4PC)
    Talent: WotC - DF - OwtP - AMoC - AotB

    Exceptional: Used Mantle of Command & Apex Ring at Amalgam of Soul.

    If you have any question about soloing, I will reply as fast as I can

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    This guide is posted in the DK thread as well, so leave comments there if you have any questions

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    Mythic Spellblade Kill

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    Apologies if this is not the right place but as the expansions go on performance goes down.

    Now usually I sit around 45-60 when plodding around the world but when I join LFR on some fights I take a HUGE FPS hit, on the Scorpion Boss all is fine at ~50fps but when the little scorpions come out and all dps breaks loose I go into single digits til they are dead and then there is this.


    I did record in 1080p and for some reason it did not record the overlay but when I get the green stuff in the clip below my GPU Temp goes up from ~50 to 60+ and usage goes up to ~80% and I assume its the GPU that makes a lot of noise from what I can gather is from a load increase which is triggered by the particle effect of the emerald winds being lined up with the screen.

    Would a new GPU help resolve this, my current setup is.

    Nvidia GTX 670 MSI Twin Forzr 2GB
    8GB RAM
    3570k Processor

    I was thinking about getting a 1070.

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    Beast Mastery Hunter Soloing Mythic the Arcway

    Gear Level: 894
    Artifact Level: 54
    Gear: Shaladrassil & Apex Ring, Tier 19 4 pieces
    Talent: WotC - DF - OwtP - aMotC - AotB

    If you want to know how to deal with boss and add, go to MMO Champion - hunter forum. I will post Thread about this.

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    started up my channel in cataclysm to prepare for mop, and by that i mean to improve my editing skills etc, now when mop is finally here im gonna spend soooo much more time into editing videos. So basically what im going to do is a lot of boomkin pvp guides and ofcourse some insane noobslaughtering montages!

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    In the middle of the desolate and arid Southern Kalimdor lies a rainforest of magic, wonder and beauty. Feralas, known for its flourishing wildlife of both fauna and flora, remains a place of mystery and awe. Dire Maul – former city of the Highborne is now inhabited by the noble ogres, with a shadow of the demonic energies used to achieve immortality still lingering within it’s very walls. To the west, Feathermoon Stronghold relocated to the mainland following the influx of Naga forces on the Night Elf Sentinels’ island. Old Highborne structures lie in ruins, overcome by the blooming greenery. To the South, the goblins work endlessly, seeping the land of oil for fuel; the workers’ taking breaks to hose down their mounted mammoth’s on the shores of the steam baths. And to the East, remnants of the forest can be seen drifting out to the vast stretch of water among the Thousand Needles, evidence of the devastating impact of the late Cataclysm.

    Enjoy the beautiful Feralas.

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    ♪♬ An Karanir Thanagor ♬♪

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    My first PvP video.
    I'm a noob at making videos but i am already addicted to it xD
    Demon Hunter PvP on a Battleground filled with Rogues.

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    All Druid Spellblade Heroic. I'm not sure if we made it.. I think we did?

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    my guilds mythic botanist kill :P

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    I have a new series, Raid Rants, where I discuss different topics with the WoW Community! Asmongold was kind enough to be my first guest!

    ♪♬ An Karanir Thanagor ♬♪

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    Hey there!

    I'm proudly presenting "Project - EU Stormscale" Gul'dan Mythic kill video, edited by me ! ENJOY !!

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    Hunter Soloing Mythic Vault of the Wardens

    Hunter Soloing Mythic Vault of the Wardens.

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    What do you guys think of this music?

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