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    WoW MOP: Garrosh = (Major Spoilers)

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    Vendor trash for Lost and Found, free gold and experience!

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    WoW MOP: Varian SCENARIO = (Major Spoilers)

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    WoW MOP: Pandaren Drawing

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    i want to share to everyone how i got from 82 to 85 in around 45 min , it was legit no exploiting or anything like that and i hope i can help a lot of people skiping the Cataclysm content and get to the exciting content from Pandaria, sorry for the link but i cant post direct links

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    Quote Originally Posted by phirx View Post
    well i wasnt in on it but one of my favorite videos is my bro was in this guild at the time and is one of the ppl in there.
    Was one of the best nights of my wowlife! i miss those days but most of that group is apart, LNM is still going i think but its only got a few of the old guys and isn't anything like what we were back than.

    (at the entrance to the raid i was on my main at that time çloud, a holy paladin. and when we went to the ally capitals i went as blueyes, a bm hunter)

    sadly that video started after alot of the fun, it was LNM's 25 man vs 2 or 3 different ally raids, we whooped em pretty good, by the time the recording started alot of them were trying to run away or get in the air so we couldn't get to them, so we had the dks fly up and death grip which at that time would drag both players to the ground so the death knight would die but than we could get the ally player lol.
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    I present you my new machinima - a short story of creation the first Horde - Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer, Grom Hellscream, Zul'jin, Kargath Bladefist and others. You can see death-scene of Thrall parents, the real march of the Horde and even more. What you say ?

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    Some MoP PoM fire mage arena for you guys! HF!

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    The BEST farming spot if cata mats are expensive on your server (I'm low pop) this makes minimum of 7k per hour up to 12k on my server and 90% of it sells within 2 days!

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    i likes the war movies and games..such as god of war..

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    Hi there MMO Champion's Community (I want YOUR Feedback)

    Hello there MMO Champion commuinity my names is frodanis and I run a youtube channel called Celestial Gaming right now this channel is tiny but I have managed to land myself a parnership with the RPM network. But yeah my most recent video is on the first raid boss of MSV and I would like you guys to feedback in this thread or in the youtube comments.

    But yes if you guys dont mind paying a vist to celestial gamings channel (Jack lightfoot on youtube)
    As I said before any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated

    Jack Lightfoot

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    Nice vids, keep em commin

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    This is my latest Gnomeschool video, which is a project I am working on to create entertaining mechanic and lore guides for every dungeon in WoW.

    It's something I wanted to do years ago, but never found the time for. I don't think there are other videos or guides with this sort of style, and I'd like for them to be watchable just for fun as well as to learn stuff about specific instances. I have posted a few in the last couple of weeks as I have been refining the style, and I would really appreciate any feedback on the videos I've posted so far.

    I may post new videos here, if that wouldn't be too spammy. I plan to do a few of them every week, so I might just share the ones I think are most unique.

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    Best change to reputation grinding ever.

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    Auchindoun EU
    "If you say 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I'll say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'"
    Tuch me

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    For those interested in how Portal Shards work, here's a quick bit on what they look like/what they do.

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    A look at Rank 1 brawls of the Brawl'gar Arena / Brawlers Guild. They're chock full of naughty secrets and chompable goodies.

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