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    Good morning everyone,

    I am making a WoW machinima video about a killer sheep , Please check it out if you are interested.


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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage arena PvP for you guys! HF!

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    Hello there fellow warriors!
    In this video i'm introducing an interesting composition of talents you might want to consider, this comp allows you to do a chain immobilize a target which can be very effective in alot of particular cases.
    I wanted to share this because i see alot of warriors not using these ever, so it might introduce something new to you, or if you already tried this out well, I hope at least you can bring some experiences to the discussion
    The comp is basicaly the mix of Warbringer, Shockwave and Staggering Shout, some of these specs alone can be considered weaker than others in that tier, but if you mix them they come to be very effective
    Hope you guys enjoy this if you do a thumbs up or subscirbe would mean the world to me

    Here goes nothing!

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    WoW MOP: Vol'Jin Scenario

    WoW MOP: Vol'Jin Scenario

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    WoW PvP: Alliance FAIL

    WoW PvP: Alliance FAIL

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    Very Nice =)

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    You guys might remember me from making the Azerothian Super Villains long ago. Well, now I've got a new show going about pets, the young bosses...Warcraft Babies. Here is Ep 2:

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    5.1 MoP PoM fire mage arena PvP for you guys! HF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelaniScar View Post
    90 Rares are hard! J/k.

    y u ppl who make videos always cut it off before you loot it so we can't see what dropped?

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    Back at the end of cataclysm I made this cinematic movie of heroic Dragon Soul:

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    I present to you a Silvershard Mines battleground Perfection bots or? xD Btw guys if you like it a thumbs up or maybe a subscribe would mean the whole world to me <3

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    5.1 PTR is live, took a bit of exploring and Oondasta didn't like that, but I managed to escape and see what abouts this island holds for us!

    Also took a look at the changes Unholy Death Knight's get in 5.2, very nice to see Gary not have a cost now!

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    Patch 5.2 Isle of the Thunder King zone preview from Tear Down This Wall Scenario. The scenario didn't work so I just explored some parts of the zone:

    Admin of Hearthstone Hungary (

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    i really liked the video

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    New world boss Oondasta, Isle of Giants and Throne of Thunder Bosses with images from Dungeon Journal:
    (I wonder if the Pandaren Phoenix and Hydra bosses are only placeholder images or real bosses...)

    Admin of Hearthstone Hungary (

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    Hello just a quick video about Monk PvP as windwalker in 2v2....

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    hello a friend of mine made a video and I was impressed by his editing skills (compared to mine anyhow). I actually enjoyed it.

    hope you like it

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    The Youtubes
    FS7 Gaming
    Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2 all great games played by a not so great gamer..

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