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    5.2 has Dinosaurs! And trolls!

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    Hello there everyone! Once again I bring you some arena commentary of some 3v3 matches i had the pleasure to do with a BM Hunter and a Mistweaver Monk! A healer that actually did suprise me! Hope you guys like it, if you do support is most absolutely appreciated! <3

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    Thanks guys for showing amazing support on the first episode of my series!! it means a lot to me! The second part of the episode is out now! im lovin the Horde!

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    I received a Silkworm in the mail from a random person that I don't know. I found the letter they sent with it hilarious:

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    That white phoenix though..

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    So I put in my old old hard drive to see what I could salvage from it but it died. This is what I managed to find from my first days with WoW, small images sorry:

    Zul Gurub! 2nd in healing to boot. Look at how well I'm rocking that blue gear~

    I loved this robe~

    When I hit 60 I remember taking some screenshots in the Burning Steppes for the screenshot competitions Blizzard used to do. What happened to those?

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    Hello there everyone! I wanted to share some other arena video commentary i have made, this time it's 2v2 matches and I'm playing my arms warrior with a shadow priest partner, we had some pretty fun games and definitly some that i thought it would be nice to commentate on, so I do hope you guys enjoy it, if you watch it, and if you do, support is always appreciated deeply! Thanks everyone <3

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    A look at another rare spawn found on the Isle of the Thunder King, Mumta Thief of Souls!

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    Heres a video I made about making custom poses for screen shots. Its how I made my awful sig.

    But does anyone watch the videos here? Or is everyone here just to post new stuff.

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    Going to post my very first guide for WoW here
    It's from a fury warrior PoV on how to solo Alysrazor in Firelands 10 or 10 man herioc.

    Yes I know, I know, this was possible back at 85 as well, but I still encounter players who don't know how to do it.

    So I made this little thingy in around a couple of hours.

    Hope you enjoy! <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

    ** ** Danion's Gaming Hub! It's on now!

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    Hello there everyone! I am more than pleased to share these awesome moments with you all, for i am proud and had tons of fun recording and editing this!
    Basicly I am with my arms warrior, in Tol Barad, after the alliance won the battle, I decided to stay for a little vengeance and epic world pvp moments So here they are, moments of 2v1, 3v1 and an awesome pursuit with the adequate song xD
    Hope you guys all enjoy this, if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would mean the world to me!

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    hey guys, some years ago, ive been watching a warrior rank 14 vid, he was a tauren and one of the songs was Celdweller - own little world. he was pretty amazing but i think it was recorded in a time were warriors got an extra talentpoint, CAN'T find it and it would be very nice if someone of u guys can help me thx so far

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    I was looking up some old screenshots, and found this (back in 2006, when I was raiding/pvping as Horde):

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    Love the video! Totally awesome graphics, clothing. I'd add more pandas than night elves but night elves are sexier than Pandas so i see where you were going with it

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-20 at 07:32 PM ----------

    My video of how to make 10,000g in 2 hours

    More info at

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    Hello everyone! IT is my pleasure to share this awesome BG ft. Gimlihadanaxe!
    This was a ton of fun and this time i am speced as Fury... with Blaaaaadestorm! haha It doesn't get better than that ^^
    Anyway if you like it support would mean the world to me and hope you all enjoy!

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    My shammy is 90! the video is out, i talk about the future of my shammy!

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    Try to beat us with a long Levitate !

    **sry about crap english**

    In this video me and my friend we tried to figure out what was the highest mountain and see where it was possible to reach using Levitate.
    Stupid thing, but not at all if you are waiting for your queue and you have nothing to do !
    It 'was fun.
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    The changes to Elder Charms + the Supply Crate quest / contents.

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    Hello there everyone! Here with another arena commentary, this time with a Holy Paladin and we are doing some 2s! I hope you guys enjoy it, and deffinitly hope that I can maybe help some of you with little tips and tricks! Anyway guys if you like it support is really appreciated, and have fun! <3

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