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    Part 3 of the tauren druid leveling series! Thanks so much for the amazing support you have been giving this series so far!

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    The new pet battle changes are finally in this build of the PTR! Check out some of the new pets as well as there are a lot added in 5.2!

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    In Patch 5.2 we'll get a completelly new PvP UI, it seems we'll also get bonus reputation for dungeons(not working in PTR currently), and there seem to be a lot of new scenario!
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    Finally released my first montage ever exactly 1 week after trailer was released. :P This Montage covers World PvP, Battleground Pvp and Arena PvP! Enjoy People!

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me if it's good or not and if I can improve on some parts.

    Frost Fever Montage Trailer Thread

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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Have some really nice changes announced in this video, that really got me motivated, and testing out SMF Fury in a BG with live commentary Nothing to great, i was just really excited about telling the change, but deffinitly more SMF in the future was fun as hell
    If you liked it support would mean the world <3

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    The next episode is up for the taruen druid leveling series!! so far you guys have showed amazing support on all the episodes!

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    5.2 adds some more lore achievements, so Lore of Pandaria returns with a new segment, Gods and Monsters!

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    Hello there everyone! Here is my second video of duels with commentary / tips! Had tons of fun doing this one and surely more to come specially in 5.2, hope you guys can enjoy it, if so a thumbs up would be absolutely wonderful!

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    I made a video showing off my warrior skills in PvP:
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    An old video I made back in the days.

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    Hello there dear mmo champion! Here's some good old fashion world pvp, I pay a little visit to my alliance friends in Goldshire and this is how it went! Nothing special not a top notch pvp video mainly for fun and it was hell of a lot fun!
    If you like it a thumbs up or a subscribe would be absolutely amazing <3

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    cool thats awesome

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    my first wow video mm hunter go check a lot ppl told me its epic......

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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! I've just made a Keybinding guide and hopefully it will help you if you still struggle with it, I go through the way of thinking and the patterns of keybinding! I have been messaged about this and i'm sure there are still people, specially new players that still struggle with it so, here you go! ^^ if it helped let me know and support would be awesomly appreciated! <3

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    So in 5.2 there will be 10 new rare spawns that come on the Isle of Thunder. Each of them is a challenge to down, and if you manage to take down all 10 you get the achievement Champions of Lei Shen!
    I complied together information on them, including coordinates, health, abilities, and a quick general strat to help everyone down them much easier. I hope that you all find this to be helpful to becoming the next Champion of Lei Shen!

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    Afaik this is the first and only Mogu'shan video, similar to Muqq's videos back in the days, It's only the 3 first bosses on normal mode, I will probably reupload episode 1 when I have enough footage of the heroic bosses.

    Since I am new here I can only provide a split link "you"

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    So yeah, im starting to recording for my guild , and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys.
    quality and so on
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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Here is a battleground, Temple of Kotmogu ownage! ^^ This one isn't with live commentary, but with commentary overneath the footage, it's also really fun, and because I haven't done like that in a while, and gives more freedom to speak Hope you all enjoy and if you do support would mean alot! <3

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    Hello people, about a week ago I created a video based on WoW's end-game content and decided to post it. Enjoy

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