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    Hello there dear mmo-champion! Here is some 3v3 trying out TSG, not the strongest comp but still pretty fun and still competetive, anywhow this was a try out we had with a Mistweaver Monk, not the best healer since we do lack CC, overall we had some good matches and here are some to share!
    I really do hope you guys enjoy this if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely wonderful and it would mean the world, thank you! <3

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    An easy way to kill players of your faction. You will need every single mount. Soars up and out of the game. Best in the capital. The player will fly down without a parachute.

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    Hello there everyone! Here's a video with some 5.4 PTR Warrior Gameplay, where I'll go into my thoughts and have a nice little discussion about warrior changes, specially the Bladestorm change, which gives alot ot think of ^^
    So this is pretty much a rant about what's comming with some gameplay of the PTR in case you are curious ^^ I'll tell you overall, warrios feel amazing!

    If you like this video a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely wonderful and it would mean the whole world! Thank you <3

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    Hey guys,

    last night we got it, we killed Lei Shen Heroic.
    I decide to create a Movie for my guild but not a standard !
    I hope u will enjoy but plz leave me a comment whats bad / good / or maybe have to be better.

    We're a german Guild from Zirkel des Cenarius - Kreuzzug des Zirkels.
    I know we're not a world top 10 guild, but we work hard together
    and will get our final GOALS.

    Two Steps From Hell - Forces of Destiny
    Two Steps from Hell - Undying Love
    Two Steps From Hell - Birth of a Hero Long
    E.S Posthumus - Unstoppable
    InEyes: FireMage Pjay

    Tanks Lenanel (Protpala) / Othok (ProtWarri)
    Heals Valaria (HolyPala) / Galatong (MonkHeal)
    Meeles Critme (Rogue) / Sothros (Deathknight)
    Ranges Milatdas (ShadowPriest) / Mendeln (Warlock) / Julina (Moonkin) / Pjay (Mage)

    greetings PJ
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    I started up a youtube channel recently; I really love watching videos of world first boss kills so I started making some of my own with some really cool music to go along. This is my guilds first kill of heroic Primordius; skada meters and annotations are at the end of the video. Music requests are very welcomed.

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    Taking a look at some of the more interesting "secrets" that can be found in the Timeless Isle. Spent all day in the PTR - very fun though trolling is an issue at times. Players can summon these big spikes that trap people xD

    Also be sure to check out Crendors latest video, its quite hillarious.

    I am a youtuber! I do daily World of Warcraft news, lore videos, Q&As and long dicussion videos! You can find my channel at

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    Hello there everyone! Here is another duel commentary video, since it has been helping so many people out and I love doing them, here is another! ^^ Where I'll do my best to explain what is going on and provide some tips and tricks as much as I can!
    We'll be facing a Feral Druid, a Frost Mage, a Ret Pala and a Destro Lock on this one!

    I really do hope you this can help in anyway, or at least that you guys enjoy the video! If you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be asbolutely wonderful!
    Thank you <3

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    Level 1-10 In 7 Minutes

    - - - Updated - - -

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    I've been doing these for years, but I guess now's a good a time as any to share them here. I do what are essentially mood pieces, pulling video together with audio tracks I like and highlighting zones and raids I prefer. I have over 25 at the site, but these are a few of my favorites:

    "Markers" (compilation of memorials of both NPCs and players):

    Darkmoon Faire:

    "Road to Ramkahen" (Uldum):

    "Tower of Karazhan":

    Full site is at and as alaways, feedback is wanted, needed, and preferred.

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    I recently started a Youtube channel with various gaming content. Including our all beloved World of Warcraft. Even though it has not much so far, I am taking it seriously though and having a lot of fun with it.

    It's a lot of learning and a ton of behind the scenes work, but it eventually all pays off and now, now that I finally have a couple of videos on it, I want to share it!

    That's the channel, and this is a video I made today!

    It's a little gold guide I am pretty happy about. Sure, people never really like seeing their "secrets" being revealed, but... secrets are sometimes meant to be told. And now that 5.4 is coming closer, this should give some a nice little extra to do!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy! <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

    ** ** Danion's Gaming Hub! It's on now!

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    Hello there everyone! Here is the most random and rare battleground I have ever done! Queued up with Gimlihadanaxe and had an hilarious battleground where the alliance team had 8 Healers, yep 8 freaking healers! xD
    Anyway guys I really do hope you guys enjoy this video, if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely wonderful and it would mean the whole world to me, thanks for watching! <3

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    Hey there! I'm ShincXD, and I've taken the time to make a guide about the current races in the game for new players, and even experienced ones who are interested.

    Of course, all you have to do is click "show more" on the character creation screen to figure it out, but it doesn't go in-depth about percentages, actives, and other specific information! So I thought to myself: I remember being at that point when I first began playing WoW. I looked up Wiki pages, recommendations, and simply asked for opinions! None of that really helped me learn in my own way what race I want to roll for my character. So I decided to make this guide to help out those of you perfectionists like myself who want to make sure you have the correct abilities to increase your potential in PvE OR PvP!

    On top of that, I know there are more experienced players out there who have figured out a little bit more about their race then I could put into this guide, and players who just simply KNOW which race would be best for a specific class in their own opinion. If you have any recommendations, tips, or ideas regarding the races of World of Warcraft, leave it in the comments!

    Hope this helps!

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    Hello MMO Champion community, i just found time to upload my guild's Lei Shen HC kill (almost a month ago roflmao) and i want some opinions, suggestions, feedback, etc. You can check it here:
    #yolo #swag

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    Just wanted to post this to let some people nostalgia it up:

    This sense of exploration is the "heart" that's missing for most veterans in this game me thinks.
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    Hello there community and friends.

    For a while now i have been making guides (short and well explained) on how/where to kill the Rare npc's from the Mists of Pandaria X-Pack.

    I've helped a few people so i decided to bring them to the mmo-champion community so i'm able (i hope) to help even more people.

    The videos are short (about 2 to 3mn) well explained and straight to the point.

    Please give me feedback so i can improve. We're always learning ^_^.

    I'll leave a link to the Main channel and to the Playlist so you can easily find and see all the videos on the series (8 so far.)

    Main channel:

    Rare NPC Guide Playlist:

    >CLICK ME<

    Kind Regards and Happy Hunting!


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    Hello there everyone! Here is some of the hilarious arenas I've ever been in! Also bring some good news for the people interested, as you can see me and Gimlihadanaxe are leveling Alliance characters ^^
    Basically we stopped experience at lvl 70, bought ourselves some pvp gear and needless to say the results were hilarious due to the awesome balance this game has at low level ^^

    I hope you enjoy this video, if you do a thumbs up or maybe even a subscribe would be absolutely wonderful and it would mean the whole world to me! <3

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