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    Those individuals are why I am so glad to be off PVP shards. I started on Faemist (and eventually moved to Freeholme after Faemist died and then Deepstrike once Freeholme died) and I remember how often I'd be ganked while I was leveling from Scarwood up until Shimmer/Stillmoor. It was pretty frustrating but after awhile you get used to it.

    It was the worst on Deepstrike dealing with MMAC and Reckless. Trying to do dailies solo and you'd be constantly camped by 5+ people. Got so fucking sick and tired of it. That aspect of a PVP shard is not fun at all and honestly, it's all that a PVP shard has to offer. Once I moved to Faeblight, I've never been more happy in terms of not getting my shit pushed in trying to do shit solo in the OW.

    I admit that I do miss some of the epic PVP battles that EI world events brought but I can play the game without having to be in some shitty ass spec to heal through zergs. Now I only die when I don't have any charges and attempt to pull a dead wardstone with 30+ mobs on it. :P
    I gotta add, Deepwood is awesome. Aside from Deltress in 50 chat talking about how he takes his wood deep.....

    I transferred before I went to bed Friday after having spent all week on Seastone trying to PuG things. I transferred before going to bed thinking the transfer may take some time, but nope, it was instant. I still went to bed though. Saturday morning I was able to PuG DH, GP and GSB plus get Daily Raid Rift done. What took all week on my old server was done in mere hours. Decided to join an IA and was expecting to either get Silverwood or end up somewhere solo like what always happened on Seastone. Nope, decent sized IA groups all over the place, including EI. I think I saw an EI IA once on Seastone, once. Speaking of EI, when I got there to do dailies or whatever, I actually see other people!!! It's amazing. Zone Events? There are groups of more than 2-3 trying to get them done. The EI event had at least 2-3 full raids worth of people show up when the boss was landing. People said it in 50 chat, saw someone in my guild say it, so it gets advertised and people show up. I wanted to run some Water Raid Rifts to work on my Resist Sigil, and I got a group together with ease. It took no time at all, just a lot of people showed up and some even brought lures with them. Went to go farm some planarite in EI and there were actually people there doing Onslaughts so I didn't have to solo them. It was all very shocking.

    Deepwood has my vote for a good PvE shard.

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