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    Stats, which stats are you going for?

    After updating myself for the past week, from which faction I should go for. To buy the best gear for inc progress.
    I can see that most have hit + crit/mastery.

    Myself I have always loved Affli, and with Affli you know which stats is preferable.
    With nearly any cloth gear having Haste (That you can buy with VP)

    With nearly any haste on the gear, I will try getting all the haste I can. (The T14 have some and other Boss drops, also drops cloth with haste)
    After that I will probably try getting Mastery, since it's actually really good after 5.0.

    Which stats are You going for?

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    With respect, it's not really a 'what appeals to you most' conversation. Some stats are just simply better than others for any given spec, and you reforge as appropriate or you be sub-par.

    As far as reforgables go, Hit/Exp is always best until cap, then :
    - Affliction - stack mastery, reforge the crit on crit/mastery items to haste.
    - Demonology - stack mastery, reforge the haste on haste/mastery items to crit.
    - Destruction - stack haste, reforge the mastery on crit/mastery items to crit.

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