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    so, i was doing a wvw puzzle ...
    What kind of little immature kid is your guild leader?
    Maybe return him the favor by letting the server know how he blackmails you with ruining your reputation for some item.

    Seriously, join a mature guild with mature people. Your GM is a little immature whining kid that will abuse his power to get it his way.
    Do the community a favour and let everyone know what he is.

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    the GL sounds like a wack job...who the hell checks via guild chat to see if a player is botting? plenty of players go afk and such

    he sounds like hes very young or very inexperienced with MMOs.
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    If that story is true, then report him for harresment and scamming. GMs can look back into chatlogs, so itll be easy enough in this case to judge what happend.
    Let him enjoy is suspension/ban.

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    my friend and i already transfer to another server (which is for him, i admit that i was guilty) and i wish that i havent, but most of my ex-guild mate already ignore me and my friend
    and i already report him since couple days ago
    does anyone know how can i tell if he got banned yet ?
    cause i havent heard him ever since i took a break for MoP and i really want to know what happen to him
    he is still on my friends list though, but i still havent seen him playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnus View Post
    Report him for scamming, defamation and bullying. I'm serious, do it. He's an A-hole and deserves to be banned.


    Oh, I forgot: Open your inventory, whisper him and ctrl+click on the staff - this about 50 times. Afterwards you whisper this:
    I like how you think. yes, OP, you'll be better than than trying to join back, sounds like the leader is a total douchebag.

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