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    Ret-Pala or Warrior? (PvE)


    I have to make a decision..

    Should i play my paladin or my warrior in MoP as main? :|
    I Can't decide...
    It's clear that i'm going to play as dps.

    But i need help

    Which one will be better dps-wise?
    I know warrior is the most gear-depending class (start of xpac bad, at the end top).
    How about rets?
    Are there any logs from the beta-raid-tests?

    So many thoughts in my head...

    please help me decide
    Sorry for my english i'm from germany... greetingz

    Warrior Thrym - Durotan EU

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    I'd say fury warrior simply because of the playstyle. If you like to judge fear into the heart of the enemy, go paladin. But if you would like to show them true strength, draw your weapons and show them your fury!

    EDIT: http://www.simulationcraft.org/505/Raid_T14H.html

    Best regards,
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    The class you play is most often up to personal choice. You'll have to choose for yourself which class you like to play more.


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