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    [Bio] Lor'telas

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    Name: Lor'telas
    Age: 170(?)
    Race: Sin'dorei
    Gender: Male
    Class: Rogue

    Languages: Thalassian, Common

    Personality: Quick to anger and impressionable in wit, Lor'telas possesses a sharp tongue and an even sharper blade, both of which he utilizes to great effect. He can be blunt and to-the-point when he needs to be, and when things get serious he is focused and calculating. In times of peace and comfort, Lor'telas is often ...

    Appearance: There is not much to say for Lor'telas in regard to his appearance; only that he is tall, lithe and gold of hair. He has long, pointy ears and emerald eyes, in typical Blood Elf fashion.

    His combat attire consists of full leather garb, providing minor protection with uninhibited movement and speed. His features are often masked by a dark silk bandanna, as is sometimes necessary for his work. His primary weapons are two long-knives of Sylvan make, named ____ and ____. The weapons were a gift from _____, and are of ancient Quel'dorei origin. The blades are of pale, cold steel, honed to a keenness only achievable by such well-made weapons. The guards are gold and inscribed with runic enchantments of longevity, and fiery rubies adorn the pommels.

    As his profession deals in the art of death, it is only expected that he has the tools to do the job with. As such, various other blades are concealed on his person, along with shuriken, poisons, a garrotte and a blackjack.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: If there is one thing Lor'telas values most when it comes to his work, it is the art of silence. The ability to kill a man is one thing, but to do so without a single shred of evidence that you were even there is an entirely different matter. His strength comes from the shadows; striking when he has the advantage, and retreating when he does not. Lor'telas is proficient in all manner of close-quarters combat, and with the aid of poisons and throwing weapons he is a formidable opponent.

    Lor'telas disregards the wearing of armour in most occasions, finding too cumbersome for his liking. Due to this, he is an easy target when cornered or caught out of position. Enemies in plate armour, bearing a shield, or with ranged capabilities (sorcerers, archers), all spell trouble for Lor'telas in the heat of combat. He forgoes fighting such enemies in favour of slipping back into the shadows, in search for another opportunity to strike.


    History: Lor'telas was born among the studious Quel'dorei of Sunstrider Isle, some 100 years after the War of the Three Hammers. From a young age he was exposed to arcane practices, and like all of his kin sustained his magics through the power of the mystical Sunwell. As he matured, Lor'telas took an abiding interest with the native wildcats, otherwise known as lynx. A point of research for the local Elves, the lynx embodied aspects of stealth and efficiency in their hunting patterns, traits that Lor'telas holds in great importance today.

    By the time he was of age, representatives from the Rangers Corps noticed his prowess in various fields of the hunt, and he proudly enlisted to serve under the venerable commander, Tanin Sunchaser, along with several other recruits.

    Initially, Lor'telas trained under the charge of the commander, honing typical ranger skills such as tracking, survival, marksmanship, and close-quarters combat. He excelled particularly in stealth related pursuits, and was soon recognized for his fleet-of-foot and gift for silence.
    He made few friends among his fellow Rangers, preferring solitude at most times, yet the best of these was an excitable Elf called Tylanir. Despite being his elder by several years, Tylanir looked up to Lor'telas, and was perpetually in his shadow in regard to skills in combat and stealth. Having no true siblings of his own, Lor'telas viewed Tylanir as a brother (a mutual impression) and the two were inseparable for a time.

    At the time of the Third War, Lor'telas had become a decorated Ranger, and was tasked with front-line defences against Arthas and the Scourge assault on Quel'thalas. Much can be said for valiant efforts of the Quel'dorei forces, yet in the end the Scourge prevailed; The capital was taken and the Sunwell corrupted.

    Despite the deaths of a majority of the Sylvan population, Lor'telas, miraculously, survived. In the wake of the Sunwell's defilement, he found himself severed from his source of magical power, and fought tooth and nail to retain sanity. Many of his kin succumbed, but Lor'telas had a strong will, and though the spirit of the Elves was all but shattered, his thirst for vengeance burned stronger with every waking moment.

    The High Elven kingdom of Quel'thalas had been ravaged, it's people slaughtered, and blood ran red and strong down the streams and rivers. However, with the return of prince Kael'thas Sunstrider and the destruction of the tainted Sunwell, a glimmer of hope sparked in the hearts of the survivors. The prince declared that his people would forever be known as the Sin'dorei, or Blood Elves, so that they would never forgot those who had fallen in defence of their homeland.

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