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    What do you look for in a stream?

    I'm wondering what will make you watch a stream with little viewers, something a bit further down on the twitch.tv list. Problem is ofcourse that there are so many already and personally I also found myself picking the first stream with the content I want to see (f.e. Terran GM, Archon Wizard D3 farming, or Rogue 2v2 Arena at high rating etc) and don't pay much attention to those below the first unless its a really crappy stream.

    The reason I'm asking this is that I'm planning on streaming MOP 85-90 leveling followed by heroics and possibly some of my guilds raiding after that. I've given this a try with diablo but basically everyone but a few people I already know via gaming/irl watched it. After a while I fell behind in leveling because of computer issues, which basically made streaming pointless since nobody is going to watch someone leveling if they can see someone attempting Inferno. Anyway, comming back to my question: what would make you click on a different stream than the "big fish"?

    To make things easier, I'm looking for improvements to this list:
    - Stream quality will be high, I expect no problems there.
    - Music type will be background / lounge type, I like this during gaming and probably won't scare anyone off.
    - There will be no webcam, only a mic. I'm not a girl-gamer so nobody cares anyway, right?
    - I like joking around, don't we all love that?

    WoW specific
    - The plan is to level through questing, since instances seem to be awful in terms of XP. This might get a bit boring at the start, but will probably pay off by showing 90 instances early.
    - I'll be playing a hunter, I know that Monks might have a small edge to get more viewers, but on the other hand they'll be doing it in content everyone has seen for years (and I probably can't stand leveling a 5th character from scratch)
    - I will need to get some sleep in order to keep things going for a longer period than just 85-90, this means I won't get a realm first.
    - I am a high end raider, but no top 100, so my guild name isn't going to help me.

    Hopefully you guys have some good suggestions, looking forward to your responses.
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    Well like you listed, quality of the recording's important. A static backdrop to commentary kills it for me. Humor's what draws me in too, and keeps me around. *shrug*

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