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    Arena team with a hunter, worth going Ret?

    I'm planning to do some hardcore arena with a real life friend of mine.. His class is a hunter. I'm just torn between two different classes, both of whom I have much love for: Ret Pala or Feral Druid.
    I cannot make a decission based on the level of fun. Do you guys know the state of lvl 90 pvp with either of those two classes? Or is one of the two classes a better choice with a hunter?

    Any advice is appreciated!
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    Ret could be a beast in 2's with their good burst and heal/utility. Pairing them up with another dps should be pretty successful for 2's. 3's comps might be a little trickier.

    Arenajunkies would be a god place to go check out for more advice on arena's though.

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    I really think either class would work if you are flexible on the spec. Going holy or resto would open up a good amount of comps for 3s for you as well.

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