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    How about making starting level npcs and player <10 invulnerable?

    There I was passing time in the Nelf starting area with a lvl 6 priest and along comes a horde rogue ganking and killing all npcs - over and over again. I know its a pvp server but seems like prattish behaviour to me.

    I cant see how it is PvP as we stand no chance, seems like harassment - so how about making <lvl 10 player in their starting zone and all non-city npcs invulnerable?

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    For players, there is little reason to have invulnerability <10.
    Your starting zone is not contested, so you should not have PvP enabled unless you force it.

    But i agree with NPCs, they should just make them equivalent level, or force guards to appear when you attack a NPC.

    I usually just park my main there when i see harrasement and deal with it myself. Whenever i see the "X is under attack" pop up i'd just swap to him and get rid of em.
    Chances are, they're garbage pvpers anyway.
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    It isn't even pvp server thing. PvE server npcs are the same.

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    Or how about asking another level 85 to take care of the rogue...
    In PvP there is no thing such a honor, red equals dead and if ur quest npcs happen to be red, to bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    In PvP there is no thing such a honor
    That's an extremely unfortunate truth of the game. Outside of predefined PVP instances (battlegrounds, arenas) and duels, nearly all PVP is applied sadism with no reward beyond knowing you've caused another person stress. Then again, that's why they separated PVP and PVE servers.
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