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    Pandaria Factions

    Which one's should be exalted first for a raiding warlock?

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    Golden Lotus. Only one ring without spirit in all the raids without spirit so the Golden Lotus one is a given. If you are tailor, you also get the patterns from them at honored.
    Also you don't really need exalted, only revered.

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    If you have the time, go for all of them. There's no more limit to daily quests, and there's no more rep tabards, so your only limiting factor is available personal time.

    That said, if you are limited on time I'd go for the Golden Lotus first, since getting them revered is required to open up the Shado-pan and August Celestials dailies. I'd also go for the Tillers to max out your farm plots asap.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elmi View Post
    Also you don't really need exalted, only revered.
    Well, you only need revered for the VP items, but there's other rewards at exalted. Golden Lotus exalted gets you an epic neck and Klaxxi exalted gets you an epic ring, both are ilvl 489. The other factions mostly have vanity rewards at exalted.

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