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    Saints Row: The Third game progress wiped?

    So as some of you may know there was a Saints Row: The Third sale on Steam this weekend so I bought it and instantly got hooked... now 21 hours later and 64% into the game I get some Steam Cloud sync pop up and without getting what its all about I hit one of the two options provided and now my progress has been set back.. by alot.. We're talking from level 35 to level 18 and when I try to load a file It shows the 64% progress one however its not the one I get when I open it..

    So I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the same and maybe could tell me how I can get back the lost progress? Because I seriously dont wanna spend and entire day getting back to where I was yesterday :/ Also Ive tried to disable the Cloud sync and it didnt help ._.

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    I'm betting what happened was that the progress you had made was never uploaded to the Steam Cloud server. Steam recognized this, and likely asked if you wanted to either sync your game with what was on the cloud, or sync the cloud with your game. I'm guessing you chose to sync to the cloud, which meant that you were set back to the last point that your game had synced with the cloud.

    Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyway to get your progress back. Sorry.

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    I thought I heard somewhere that this was an issue. I thought they patched it though.

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