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    MOP Weapon Enchants

    Does anyone have any pics of what the new weapon enchants look like? Specifically the tanking one. Are they as ugly and obtrusive as the cata ones?

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    Chaud did a nice preview a few weeks ago, he used a very basic sword so as to show off the actual enchant. however when you put them onto new weapons they are actually quite tame compared to the Cata ones. it is definitely better, to me.

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    Very UN-obtrusive actually.

    Rivers Song (Tank) -- water dripping off your weapon
    Jade Spirit (Caster/Healer) -- soft green glow
    Dancing Steel (Melee) -- same as DK's fallen crusader

    Windsong (random stat booster) -- the old Soulfrost mixed with a little yellow
    Elemental Force (chance for extra damage) -- orange & purple, like a mix of Fiery Weapon and Lifestealing
    Colossus (budget tank shield) -- looks like a weak version of Mongoose

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