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    My ideal ARPG / MMO - does it exist?

    Here are the things I want:

    1. Closed realms

    Closed realms cut down on a lot of hacks that you find in open / LAN play. It also creates the possibility of fun features like xp ladders, leaderboards, and rankings.

    2. All items soulbound

    I've never seen the concept of trading items and equipment work. Whenever people are allowed to trade for gear, it eventually becomes a necessity to trade to truly build up your toons. Items should be found by playing the game, not by trading. The only answer is to eliminate trading and make people rely on playing the game to gear up.

    3. A stable game where developers are NOT constantly pushing massive changes

    When I buy a game, I want a finished product. Some patches for critical issues I can understand. But making changes just for change's sake is ridiculous. Maybe there's an endgame dungeon I want to enjoy for x amount of time. But after a few weeks, the developers immediately start nerfing the dungeon mechanics to "help" casuals advance. I want to play the dungeon as it was originally designed! Or they completely revamp classes and skills while I'm in the middle of enjoying what is already there. its extremely frustrating. I don't enjoy having to relearn my class over and over.


    Ok, now to examine various games I've played with these principles in mind....

    Diablo 1

    x1. no closed realms
    x2. items not soulbound
    3. developers did NOT push many changes

    This was a game where hacking was widespread. Almost everyone I encountered hacked. And free overpowered gear was all over the place. At least the game wasn't patched extensively, so you could play solo and expect a reliable experience each time.

    Diablo 2

    1. closed realms
    x2. items not soulbound
    x3. developers pushed changes, but HAVE stopped changes while still supporting the game. However, ladder resets every 6 months.

    This game comes pretty close. Closed realms mean items and toons are a bit more legit than straight-up open toons. They've stopped pushing changes, meaning you get a reliable gameplay experience. Unfortunately, closed ladder play is reset every SIX months, which is far too short to enjoy D2 in a "legit" fashion without trading.

    Diablo 3

    1. closed realms
    x2. items not soulbound
    x3. developers pushing changes

    This game fails on 2 of 3 counts. The closed realms help prevent hacks, but the game is ALL about trading instead of gearing up by playing the game. Furthermore, developers seem intent on pushing lots of changes to alter the gameplay experience.

    World of Warcraft

    1. closed realms
    2. MOST endgame items soulbound
    x3. developers push a CRAZY amount of changes, completely reinventing the game at regular intervals.

    This game succeeds on 2 of 3 counts. Realms are closed and fairly hack-free, and policed pretty well. Your raid gear is soulbound. The big issue is that the developers constantly change things. An endgame dungeon is released, and nerfed in a few weeks. And nerfed again. And nerfed again. Classes get major tweaks all the time for balance concerns. Skills and professions are overhauled constantly. It makes one extremely sick and tired of re-learning gameplay mechanics over and over again. I've given up hope of experiencing the end game content as it was originally designed unless I quit my job and play 40 hours a week, or get lucky enough to get in some end game guild that is stable.

    Torchlight 2

    x1. no closed realms
    x2. items not soulbound
    3. developers seem disinterested in pushing a lot of official changes, leaving it up to the mod community.

    This game is most similar to Diablo 1. It should attract lots of hackers making god mode toons. Trading should yield god mode equipment on the cheap. But it does offer the ability to go solo and have a reliable experience at my own pace.

    Path of Exile??????

    Guild Wars 2??????

    Not played either of those game to rate them by my 3 main criteria.

    Is there any game that meets all 3?
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