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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    Because they need to be harder?
    No, they're damn boring. Most of the game has mobs that don't scale well and it's a matter of dps'ng a boss for friggin fifteen minutes and rolling out the way hoping you as a clothie don't get aggro and get one-shotted.

    Most of the game is fine, the exploring, the story up to about level 60, the vista's, the neat hidden puzzles.

    BUT dungeons? Uggggh... worst, most monotonous crap I've ever played. Honestly, the guy who decided to make these boss mechanics without some sort of threat mechanic and more innovation than "dodge, dodge) deserves to be tied naked to the back of truck by his testicles and dragged bare-ass along a rocky road for several miles.

    Game is bugged to hell and mostly put together by some tabloid writers after level 60 who were in a hurry to just get it out. Don't believe me? Why is more than 1/2 of Orr not even available to play? Very misleading when you see it on the map and it's actually inaccessible.

    The trinity is actually looking quite good in my book when you're a damn dps clothie. What the point of having a glass cannon dps build when you can never use the goddam thing? Can't use it in PvP, Can't use it in PvE. I gotta spec maximum survival when the PuG I am in is "every man for yourself, you don't need a tank/healer?"

    Seriously? Dungeons and some class mechanics are just plain sh*t.

    Their only saving grace is that I still feel the game has been enjoyable for the time I've spent - ASIDE from the dungeons.
    There is a lot of content as it is not just a rush to get to 80 if you finish each zone one at a time and level multiple classes. The story and game does begin to appear rushed after lvl 60, however.

    I'll give them time to fix, however, but still not happy with the state of things. If this was a SUB-based game, I would've been gone.
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