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    More maps in WvW?

    Am I the only one who think they should add 2-3 smaller maps that gets available if the large ones are full? The amount of points available should be steady, meaning when the smaller maps comes into play notes on the large map decrease in value to avoid flocculation.
    This would help so that people who can only play in the prime-time hour can play aswel, also it could take of some of the strain of the prime servers. ATM we have lag in peak hours.

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    Map size and current player cap are fine, if you were to increase the amount of maps it would only worsen the disparity when it comes to server population (I play on Dragonbrand, and we could fill all maps easily and still have a 2 hour Queue)
    Example: If we max out our players in maps, causing these new maps to spawn, we'd quickly fill them. During peak hours this might work out well, but when off peak hits and we continue to keep maps filled while other servers go to bed (looking at you Maguuma and Tarnished Coast) we clean house and cap everything.
    Adding extra maps only adds to the amount of points you have to take back when servers with big off-peak play roll in and cap while you sleep (and then their day crew comes in and keeps it locked down)
    Give it a week or 2, with MoP dropping today, and matches still only a week long (instead of the intended 2 weeks) it's going to take a while for servers to level out an find their grooves.

    Back OT: Yes more servers would allow people who have limited play time a higher chance to play, but it would put low pop servers at a HUGE disadvantage.
    Damned if you do, Damned if you don't I suppose. Everyone wants to play, but nobody wants to be losing all the time

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